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Fast Times at DF High
by Wuolong

The night was young. Throughout the day I had done and accomplished many feats. My good friend Ralok came into possession of the best possible ring of red ruin after we took down the dangerous necromancer Thanos. I had a small ruby secured in my bag of holding, ready to be used another day, and although nothing useful for anyone else was obtained, my new glowing lizard eye was a big improvement over my old one. It was a very successful day and I was itching for more. I was wandering from clan town to clan town when I heard a familiar voice echo in my mind, it was my fellow clan member Timeant.

Timeant is very experienced at leading adventurers through the toughest of situations and I was excited to find out he planned on leading us through the death trap that was known as the Demon Forge! Once thought to be a myth, this deviously hidden island was discovered several years ago. It took many a hero putting aside their hatred of one another to delve into the many secrets of this forbidden landscape and at long last the knowledge was spread to many others. Timeant long ago learned what dangers lurked among the many corridors of Demon Forge and planned on obtaining for some lucky person a new set of spider mitts and perhaps some of the fabled equipment of the dreaded Dhaulagiri. After receiving his summons, many of us flocked to the island to prepare for this journey into the unknown!

As dangerous as it may be, our town is full of many experienced adventurers, and those who are not learn quickly. It was with a focused rage we hurled ourselves at the devious thief known as Kanchenjunga and as blood was spilled, wounds healed, and powerful magics cast, Kanchenjunga's demise became all but inevitable. After regrouping and licking our wounds, we prepared for the toughest battle we would have to face - Dhaulagiri. As we made our way towards our destination, with a note of surprise the fearless Outlaw Legion stormed from the mist, seemingly out of nowhere and violently attacked!

Despite our initial surprise we regrouped, now under the guidance of the dashing Aermac, we repulsed the initial probing of the Outlaws. Despite our superior numbers we were in a slightly weakened condition, which the Outlaws sought to exploit by targeting individuals who were already hurt. With the timely healing by such great heroes as Zanku and Beatrinne, we were able to stave off the initial onslaught. Through the course of the melee many spells were thrown with deadly precision, and weapons sliced deep into soft flesh. Although not actually able to finish anyone off themselves, the devilish Outlaws had some unwitting help from the fiendish phantasms. Wielding their deadly daggers, they mercilessly ripped into the flesh of several of our team, snuffing out the spark of life. Sadly this reporter, just moments after sending the savage Rylur to his demise, fell victim to one such blade of a phantasm. Despite the losses on both sides it was quickly apparent the vaunted skill of the Outlaws was no match for the perseverance and steadfast determination of the Gravis Negotium soldiers. The Outlaws retreated.

Despite this setback, the Outlaws would not be denied. Feigning retreat, they left the menacing island, attempting to give a false sense of security to team Gravis. Although not completely taken by this deception, we pressed our attack on the intimidating Dhaulagiri. Being one of the most fearsome beings in existence, Dhaul did not take our attack kindly, fighting fiercly he attempted to stomp us into the ground, knocking all of us over with one mighty charge after another. Although Dhaulagiri fought admirably, his demise had been foretold in the stars. Not to be forgotten, just as Dhaulagiri was preparing to meet his maker, the cunning Outlaw Legion made their move, rushing to the only safe room in the Forge, and organizing for an assault against us while we were occupied fighting Dhaul! It was to late. While the Outlaws attempted to gather their strength, Dhaulagiri let out a final, agonizing moan as the darkness overtook him. The fierce Dhaulagiri fell before the blade of the might Xuntzu. After taking our leave of the island, tipping our hats to the failed attempt by the Outlaws to rebuff our assault on the island, we divided up the spoils of war, and moved on, but always will the bitter fight and thrilling victory in the black Demon Forge be far from our minds.


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