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Serious Business
by Wuolong

After much discussion and debate, the new clan changes have been implemented. The first windfall from the change has been the sistering of clans 12, 71, 1, and 97. Leading this new town of 4 clans is Talocarian and Gravis Negotium. After coming to grips with the changes and seeing the future for what it will be Talocarian brought together the respected and experienced leaders of clan 71, Altus Fidelitis led by Heliomyer, clan 97, Inferno of Undying Wrath led by Isigow, and clan 1 Circle of Power led by Pelle. Circle of Power was originally one of the clans in danger of being removed when the members of its town decided it would be a grave injustice if that were allowed to happen. The decision was made for the active players to all enroll in clan 1 and become part of the newest town in Medievia.

Although there was much apprehension by many of the players concerning possible personality clashes, and several others felt they were being forced into the situation unwillingly by the change, the transition was smooth, controlled, and successful. After the dust settled and the smoke cleared, on May 1st, 2006, what is prehaps the biggest, most ambitious clantown in history was established. Initial reports put an average of 65 players on during prime time hours. As late as 3:00am to 4:00am eastern time there was still well over 40 players actively logged on. Although the level of intensity and excitement was palpable, it was tempered by the knowledge of the hard work ahead. Several early clashes with the formerly dominant town of Outlaws resulted in swift and decisive victories as the Outlaws wisely avoided combat on the shores of the Blood Sea and refused to engage the new town in the Courtyard of Van Kyln's Mansion. As the sun set over the horizon an intemperate shadow was cast across the landscape. The waves crashed on the shores of the oceans, and the indurate winds blew across the vast plains...........time marches on........... all across the lands of Medievia, the balance of power has shifted, and the world may never be the same.

I asked several players how they felt about the new town, and what their expectations are. Needless to say there was mixed reaction:

Zanku(clan 71): "I think the new town will be a lot of fun and a huge learning experience for myself."

Frostblood(clan 9) was nonchalant about the situation, "Adapt or die."

Morrrad(clan 12) was skeptical, "I liked it when it was just clan 12"

Tyleste(clan 9) has an interesting point of view, "It's disappointing that the only alternative to trying to compensate for the great contrast in skill between faction x and faction y of players is to force the affiliation of an enormous amount of faction y less proficient players strength in numbers is usually a weakness on this mud anyways."

Finally, I asked the leader of the new town himself what is thoughts were:

Talocarian(clan 12) says, "Well upon hearing the upcoming changes to the Medievia world, and the ever-present threat of the Outlaw Legion, the leaders of some clans formed the Council of Business Most Serious. We determined, via long deliberation, that to unite as one was our only hope to combat the forces of evil plaguing our lands. Be it Khrait, Outlaw Legion, or the war pig mobfaction, we had to stand together or fall divided."


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