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July 4, 2009

A World of Possibilities
by Templin

In a the forests, and wilderness of a vast world, nestled in the center of the continent lies a great and forgotten city, a city of wonder, its spires reaching high into the sky. A city filled with battle, death, and gold for the taking. A living breathing city, filled with hero's and adventurers. A place where any who come to visit are filled with awe at the incredible events happening around them. "What place is this?" you wonder. Filled with thieves of the worst sort, warriors of the most courageous deeds, healers of great renown, and mages of the most powerful magics, this city is Medievia.

Medievia is a place of great wonder and amusement to many, with its wandering gypsies, grumpy janitors, and all sorts of visitors from around the known realm. It is a place of glory, riches, renown, but also sadly, a place of great evil. Evil of the worst sort. The city and surrounding wilderness is filled with tribes of viscous beasts, evil dragons, and worse, bands of hero's turned to the path of evil, out to empty the pockets of weary travelers, of gold, equipment, and more often then not, their very life force.

But alas, all is not lost, for the great hero's of the realms, those few brave new adventurers, leaving home to take up arms and defend the helpless, right all that is wrong, and battle the very evil that plagues the land, are turning back the tides of chaos. This world, filled with mysteries unsolved, places undiscovered, friends to make, and enemies to battle, is looking for you. You may ask, "What can I, a lowly tradesman, a farmer, possibly do to help?"

Well, the answer to that is simple, put down your hoe, leave the crop for next year, grab what you can, and head to the Goblin Castle, to the evil cathedral in the forest, to the land of the gnomes. And start on your journey to power and glory. Along the way, seek out others like yourself, band together in a group, to form long and lasting friendships . There is great strength in numbers, and surely even with your friends, you will still be outnumbered. For evil breeds in the forests, it never rests, or goes away. Protect the innocent, those you love at home, who cannot protect themselves. For in this world you will find many possibilities, many chances to gain riches and renown.
You will quickly amass a great fortune, what you do with it is really up to you, will you help those less fortunate? Or hoard it like the greatest of evil ruby dragons? Perhaps you would buy the greatest kingdom in the land. Perhaps form your group of close friends into a tight knit clan. Or build your home and raise a family, a bloodline of your own, filled with many generations of brave adventurers.
There is great and powerful equipment that will help you in your battles, waiting to be found. Often stolen and warn by the very rogues, you are riding the world of. You could crew your own ship, and battle the evil serpents of the oceans. Hunt and slay the evil dragons of the realm. Tracking them to their very lairs, driving them from it, and collecting their great horde of treasure along the way. Or, like some, you could choose to be the courageous leader of a band of brave explorers, seeking new realms, new riches, and new foes.

The world is full of endless possibilities. A short step away from home, puts you on the road, a winding darkened path leading through battlefields, swamps, and dark forests. Friends will fall along the way, a few will leave and not return, off to visit other parts of the realm. But you, what will be said of you in two years? in ten? would songs be wrote and sung by bards of your courageous deeds. Will your bloodline go on to survive, passing the most powerful equipment you collected from hand to hand, father to son, mother to daughter. Hunting evil for years to come. Will you, the brave adventurer even live to see next year? We certainly hope so! Lets get started on an epic journey that will make memories happen, dreams come alive.
Come join the battle, enter this great and wonderful world. Start living the life you seek, that of a true adventurer, the renowned pathfinder.


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