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May 17, 2009

Wode is for me!
by Belladain

A long day of gaining experience towards my next class was to culminate in one last adventure with a group of adventures from across the land.  I had met some of them before, others I had not.  Many answered my call and so it was quickly decided to go to the dangerous woods of Spiderwode!

One member of our group, Jyl, had recently suffered humiliating defeat in CPK, and so was forced to attempt and regain his former glory that is herodom by xping with us.  Although he was just shy of being a hero, his equipment must have not been fully replaced as he was proving to be an average tank for our group.  Nonetheless our group was making good time killing spiders and trees, getting plenty of xp to go around, and having a fine time.

Soon a lightning storm was seen approaching in the distance.  This did not concern us as it would give many of us a chance to harness the energy of the storm and call down bolts of lightning to smite our enemies.  However something that has been known to happen during these storms...happened.  While taking down a particularly maniacal tree, he would not stop laughing at us, a bolt of lightning from the storm struck next to me, right onto Jyl.  Quickly our group healed him and he was soon out of danger.  Breathing a sigh of relief, we were unprepared for what happened next.  Another bolt of lightning struck on my other side, as a reliable form mate was struck to the dreaded 0% hp.  Our group was not able to react as fast this time and our friend was struck down by a the chanting of a tree.

Jyl finally proved himself as more than dead weight when he pulled out the mystifying gem of souls, chanted a few muddled words, and our formie quickly rose from the dead!  While he was doing this one of Jyl's close friends and clannies, Viridi, decided to stop in.  We assumed he had been summoned by Jyl to help us xp, or perhaps to res us - although it was odd since Jyl had his own gem, but since he lost all of his eq before it would not have surprised us if he had lost the gem as well. 

Sadly that was not the case.

Instead of helping, Viridi, Jyl's equal in usefulness, cast 1 shockwave on our previously fallen formmate who had not been fully healed yet, and burst him into pieces.  While Viridi seemed to think this was funny, I asked Jyl to relay to him that in my opinion there was only a certain type of person who would have found that funny, which I can not repeat here.  The next thing came as no surprise to anyone - Jyl said he thought it was funny to.

Confirming my suspicions of him, and after a long day of already gaining the bounty of xp throughout Medievia, I decided to call an end to our adventure into the Wode.  In the end it did not surprise me that those two found something so mundane as killing someone with 50 hps for no reason at all funny.  Jyl has 6 cpk kills and 9 deaths.  Viridi is batting .500 with 7 cpks and 7 cpk deaths.  Jyl has 201 pks, and 360 pk deaths, while Viridi is slightly above .500 with 227 pks and 196 pk deaths.   I can only assume the desperation to increase a pk count was the driving point behind this attack and it has taught me a valuable lesson - You can't trust Jyl or Viridi.


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