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The Rebirth
by Vyramyer

It was strange, standing in a world I once knew as a newly born cleric. No family and no familiar faces. I worked my way through Med, slaying a few priests as I slipped back into old habits. Despite the bustle of the city, everything seemed strangely silent. There were no cheers from clanmates, no congratulations from bloodlines. I leant against the fountain, straining as familiar names came back to me. Scrolling through names in my mind, no one was around. I sighed and slumped down against the fountain.

I kept a lazy eye on my surroundings, suddenly noticing a familiar face. I leapt up as he ran past, plummeting into Medlink. I wrung my hands as I linked Komyer. He linked, looking at me with indifferent eyes. Biting my lip, I mumbled my old name, crossing my fingers for a spark of recongnition. He smiled as he led me north for a chat. We reminiced about old times and spoke about my disappearance from the realm.

I was reborn again, this time as Komyer's great-great-great grandaughter. We laughed as we raced around The Kingdom of Yrg, slaying elves and being our old nuisance to fellow experience hunters. Slowly, things came back to me, and I remembered the world of Medievia as I once had. I levelled quickly, helped by my new clanmates and my bloodline, and reached mastery of the cleric class in just over one week, a personal record for me.

As I stood at the top of Mt Vryce, I pushed the button to hear the cheers of my new family, and of my clan. When I left the world of Medievia, I was a princess. This time, I'm slowly working my way to hero, just enjoying the people I know. Medievia can be a game of many faces. Do YOU dare enter?


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