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Misadventures of a Crustacean Nature
by Vyramyer

Dripping wet and coughing up seawater, Lorakiss, Komyer, Eccos,Rakenji, Duntas, and I crawled out of the portal after our ship, the Aberration, had sunk under the onslaught of mobfactions that the DM sent our way. Healing on the shore, we shrugged and thought, "Why not?" Lorakiss and I prepared a new ship and then relaxed at the helm to enjoy our handiwork. Rain slid down the mast and pooled on the deck. Our crew of deckhands busied themselves with moving our ammunition. The Ebony Pearl gleamed elegantly, and we hoisted the anchor and set off into the wild waters, heading for a crab swarm.

We approached the scuttling mass of crabs in the ocean as we organized the seventeen people on board. Lorakiss took the helm as the ship cut a clean path through the crabs, and they clambered on board, clicking their claws. Both formations rolled up their sleeves and clutched their various weapons, and we all plunged into a furious battle. We carried on with no trouble, Eccos and Kwetak lead everyone back and forth across the sloop. Our confidence turned to cockiness as we continued to slay endless crabs. Eventually, someone offered the idea to anchor in the patch. Smiling, I pushed hard on the capstan and lowered the anchor down into the ocean.

And that's where it all went wrong.

Things were deathly silent as the anchor clunked softly onto the sea floor. We all stood cautiously, looking around. I gazed over the edge and into the eyes of a huge fae crab! Suddenly, waves and waves of fae crabs swarmed onto the deck. We were swiftly brought down by the neverending supply of fae crabs clambering over the edge and onto the Ebony Pearl. One by one, we all filed out of Davy Jones' locker and reformed on the shore. However, the crabs slew everyone brave enough to whistle their way back onto the ship. Over 150 crabs scuttled around the Ebony Pearl, and as Emerald Kah circled the ocean around us, our numbers dwindled to thirteen brave adventurers. Both groups pelted up the Crow's Nest, pushing and shoving our way through the crabs lurking at the base of the mast. We all begged for help from the Emerald Kah, and eventually, they landed, slithering down onto the deck. They let out a loud roar and began fighting off the army of fae crabs. As the forms headed back in, the crabs ducked under the limbs of the Kah and attacked us once again.

Eventually, after the armada of Emerald Kah, a handful of sea griffins, and some quick thinking by Kwetak, the collection of fae magic in the ocean disappeared. The remains of the crew returned the boat to dock with over eight hundred thousand fae and roughly fifty million experience points for the adventurers on board!


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