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Kalata Massacre
by Vedev

Recently the number of CPK brawls has been on the increase, although sadly that phenomenon has levelled off somewhat with the death of the Exodus Clan Town. The fight at The Fort of Kalata took place just before the disbanding of 4 town, and saw at least a temporary alliance between 4 town and 71 town in order to tackle the might of The Outlaw Legion town. At the time of the brawl 4 and 71 town combined comprised 6 clans, with the Outlaw Legion town comprising just 2 clans.

The fight took place close to the 'Top of the South Eastern Tower' in Kalata. Several players were fighting the Silver Dragon when the Outlaw Legion tackled them in CPK. Prince Chevtul of the Altus Fidelitas clan was first to die to the attacking force (although the dragon actually got the kill). Khain and Aranna swiftly followed.

A counter rush organised by towns 4 and 71 was already in place, but deaths on their side continued with Skytale, Dralycan, Caebryn, Delacus, Alastrone, Spiritic, Vytte and Hexlyd all perishing in the ensuing fight.

Although Garatjax did a sterling job porting his dead allies - Caebryn and Dralycan, The Outlaw Legion finished off the Silver Dragon and looted their various dead adversaries of any valuable assets to be found about their persons.

Needless to say no clan-itemed High Forest Helms were in evidence to be looted this time.

Final score Outlaw Legion 11 - 0 Exodus & Altus Fidelitas


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