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A Mid-Lair Retreat
by Tyleste

All was civil on an ordinary day, as my co-leader Surgo and I headed down to the third level of Aniavekxon's discommodious lair. Suddenly, as we approached the last daunting stretch of the lower caverns there arose quite a clatter from town and clan. Our friends who were simultaneously staking the Dark Woods for a trader had nullified their intended target Pode. However, upon the killing blow a vast army of The Righteous rose from the surroundings and attacked our noble clansmen. With the immediate concern for my clansmen in harm's way, I called the order for all my fellow comrades in the lair to port and make haste to the melee.

With the help of my Draconian Charm and the additional powers I retain from holding the Dragon Hunter's status, I was able to make it in time to assist in the killing blow of Raistlin, a non-hero cleric opponent. Quickly, our fearless and relentless Clan Co-Leader Vorpaxis called a new target to attack as our enemies began to teleport faster than I thought possible. Shortly after order was called, Xalode lay dead only one room into CPK.

After looting our share of sub-base donation room equipment, we congratulated one another on a job well done, did our habitual repeater celebration, and went back to complete our initial task of slaying the fearsome green dragon.


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