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Intersection of Doom
by Tyleste

As we sat conspiring against our former allies, Vorpaxis casually suggested the possibility of staking The Dark Woods. His goal was simple: to catch a few of the consistent traders who like the high-risk high-reward trading game. I thoughtfully acknowledged the idea and decided it was in our best interests for a quick hit and run to gauge the competencies of our new enemy. I called for my new townsmen to gather and kindly asked Vorpaxis to assemble them accordingly. When this was set and done the task at hand was clear: kill and loot Merlo.

I made my way through the Dark Woods and approached the treacherous intersection with great care, making sure not do disturb the great Ethereal Knight whom lurks in its midst. Soon after I nullified the threat of the great Knight we assembled and hid ourselves amongst the rubble. We quietly waited, hoping, patiently passing the time with stories of battles won and lost.

Shortly after our arrival I was able to sense the presence of our target, Merlo, and ordered my followers to trip him on sight. A mere moment had gone by when Merlo made the costly mistake he'll never forget, he came into the room totally unsuspecting of what lie before him. He was quickly tripped, dispelled, and with the help of a few Shredded Scrolls of Fireball, he was killed.

The spoils were extravagant, ranging from a High Forest Helm to an abundance of assorted Thief and Warrior equipment, even the Blazing Wings of Fire, a prestigious item provided to loyal clan members of years before. We once again congratulated ourselves on a job well done, played our habitual game of repeater, and returned to ponder further ways to terminate our enemies.


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