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Town 9 vs 12 in Misty Isle
by Trithalos

On the 1st Day of the Month of Vryce's Arrival, a skirmish surfaced from below the waters at the Misty Isles. Forces of the Honor and Outlaw Legion towns engaged in a short encounter, resulting in a one kill and one loot victory for the Honor team.

Rzael from Outlaw entered the zone hunting an xp'er where he was spotted by Zantier of Brother's of Destruction. Zantier engaged him in CPK and eventually landed a trip whereupon Vanaryck, Kwein, and Dobudakidaku rushed in to assist.

Rzael, aware of the situation, also had others nearby. Koraxis, Vezucorax, Gims, Burn, Kwahkcalb, Numie and Zyclone came in just after Rzael himself died. The Honor team fought back, pounding Koraxis who was unsanced. Gims saved the day, sanc'ing Koraxis who took an eviscerate melee and wimpied out of the room. The Outaws began tripping Vanaryck (the only one from Honor with a book of poetry) as the rest of Honor looted Rzael's Marious Helm and transported out. After a few rounds, Vanaryck ended up escaping, resulting in lots of chatter from both sides.

I caught up with Zantier, Vanaryck, and Rzael after the fight.

Trithalos: What was your guy's mentality going in?
Zantier: well see
Zantier: it was just to 'mess' around (wording changed by editor :)
Zantier: and see what we could do
Zantier: and we just happened to come out on top

Trithalos: What was the mentality once their trip hit you?
Vanaryck: it was almost pretty bad news cus when zant and crew loot transd
Vanaryck: i got tripped and im holdin the poet
Vanaryck: i read the names
Vanaryck: and i knew i was gettin out
Vanaryck: this wasnt their A team trippin me

Rzael on the situation.

Rzael: *pretext edited for privacy* I see adam (Zantier) land
Trithalos: so you went in to lure Zantier
Trithalos: and they hit, but plans ran amiss?
Rzael: basically
Rzael: was entirely my fault:p
Rzael: but koraxis and gims definitely uh
Rzael: picked up slack where i *messed* up


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