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July 4, 2009

The Ruby Serpent
by Belladain

Until recently I had been on a ship less than half a dozen times.  I had never really gotten into them.  Part of the problem in the past was the cost as I loathe borrowing money from anyone and I have never spent a dime of my clans money on anything.  The other part was the time involved.  I had never been able to set aside the time needed to really focus on learning HOW to ship and then implementing what I learn in the real world. 

I decided to change that today.

I started out ship training.  It did not help me a lot outside of practicing maneuvering and that is just a matter of repetition so I spent very little time there.  I then set out and purchased a Man O'War, hired my deckhands, and proceeded to undock my ship and crash into land.  Luckily there was not a lot of damage and I quickly repaired it and we set on our way.

The first few serpents I chummed, which is what you do with serpent meat in order to entice a serpent to rise up out of the deep and investigate your ship, were thankfully small and I quickly put them down.  I was feeling confident....a little too confident.

With the help of King Romsek and Princess Caelistis we had put down several larger serpents.  I was however inadvertently steering our ship into deeper waters.  New to shipping I had been thinking Sea's End was on a different part of the map than it actually is, and was heading that way......I could hear in the distance Sir Templins ship firing ceaselessly on a large violet serpent, and for those who do not know the violets are the fastest and amongst the most dangerous serpents.

I continued to chum as my clan mates went to take care of some real life affairs and nearby popped a small, manageable ruby serpent.  I was a little concerned by the triple fanned tails it had but my confidence, of which I assured my town mate Homet over town channel, was overwhelming and off I went to launch my first volley. 

As the first volley was set to fire Templins violet popped up next to my ruby and boom! I engaged both serpents.   I was a little stunned when yet another violet serpent popped up on my other side and proceeded to fire on it thinking it was the first one.

I soon realized I was engage to 3 serpents.  To my surprise the first violet went down with my second volley as I can only assume Templin had heavily damaged it.  In the span of heartbeats however I realized I was out of my league when the second violent rammed my ship causing massive damage.  I immediately fired all guns on him as it was preparing to toss us on his back and down he went to join his mother at the bottom of the ocean, dead.

Breathing a sigh of relief that I had but my single, simple Ruby left I turned hard to port and prepared to engage the now charging serpent in a struggle that could only end with the death of one of us.

And the ruby approached...................

Droplets of water fell across the deck, sprayed from the massive serpent body.  The roar of breakwater filled my ears as he crashed down into the depths of the sea only to re-emerge seconds later at a mere range of 4 from my starboard deck. 



a gust of wind............

The heavy "thump" of the cannons was silent to my ears......because they did not fire......

I blinked once...twice....the serpent was gone........the fan tails........The serpent blew us off course....................oh no.................


And so ends my tail as my crew, my ship, and her captain met their fate at the hands of a Gigantic Hammer Headed Serpent body triple fan tailed Ruby Serpent...

To the locker with us as the sirens sang their song...filled with sadness..filled with sorrow......yet if you listen closely........ renewed hope....hope that one day the fated crew of the Shadow of Power will take their revenge...............



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