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October 7, 2012

A Friend Among Many
by Templin

So here I sit, silently waiting, shrouded in darkness, hidden among the tall dark trees. The sounds of the night surround me, drawing me deeper into a sense of how small I really am compared to the broad world around me. The stillness calms me, seeps into my very soul, bringing with it the sounds of the night. I am a Shadow Wolf, a hunter, a traveler of dark paths and darker thoughts. The night is my time, my very life's blood. The sounds of the hunters and the hunted, the calls of the victorious, the cry of the wounded, all blending together into the sounds of the night. A gathering and sharing of all that live and breathe the still night air.

Off in the distance, the rumble of heavy wheels, the bray of mules straining to pull heavy wagons through the mud as a wagon train approaches my bastion of solitude above the road below. At its head, a well-known and distinguished figure, my friend and battle companion Frast, or rather Frastoriel. Urging those that follow to greater speed with shouts, threats and sometimes very disgruntled mumbling, she calls to our companions to move forward, to push on no matter the hardships, or risk of attack. I rise from my musing to see off in the distance a party of adventurers banding together to head into the depths in search of treasure, adventure, and oft hard-gained rewards.

This night is still, the sounds have dulled, and looking to the road ahead, I see a party of trolls gathering for an attack. With a whistle to Frast and the others, I head down to join in on what is sure to prove a long hard battle.

Many people wonder what it is that draws us, that makes us want to continue on, what it is that we find so intriguing about a text based game. Well, to be honest, to some, it is more than just that. It is an adventure, a blending of thoughts, feelings, and relationships. A place, a game, where players can meet, talk or adventure together. We gather in groups, or we go it alone. Fighting for gold, for friendships, and for equipment to better protect and help those that are new. For some it is simply a test, a test of Will, a test of Strength, or a test of Spirit pitting their skills, equipment and knowledge against other players in epic chaotic player killing battles.

Medievia is such a place that you can lose yourself for hours on end explaining to a new player all the great things they can do, or arguing with an old player about the best way to accomplish a goal. It may sound a little daunting, and to the average person just logging on, it may very well prove to be, but in the end the relationships, friendships, hardships and genuine hours of fun, far outweigh any drawbacks. An ever-changing, living breathing world, where you can literally do whatever you have the equipment, the time, or the guts to attempt.

In this wide, wonderful world, there are people that will help you, people that will hinder you, and people that just want to be left alone. The common players, sometimes too busy running around for you to even stop them to say "hello", the rolling screens of colored text, the wonderful room descriptions typed by players for the most part, just like you. Medievia is always changing, always being added to, balanced, tried and tested, but not by some unknown force. Medievia is changed, edited, and added to by those that play it. These same players choose what they wish to do every time that they log on. Every time is a new experience or adventure. Something to challenge you, something that frustrates or annoys you, it is a world of magic, of melee, and a true test of any player's mettle.

So here I sit once again pondering the day's adventures, sitting with Frast and having a couple of cold mugs of ale in our favorite hang-out. Looking around at all the new and old faces. Some friends, and some most likely, foes. But wait, who is this I see coming in the door? A new face, possibly a new friend? Maybe a wary foe? With a nudge and a nod to Frast and a nod in your direction, we check our weapons, and wander over to welcome you, looking over your shabby equipment and already thinking of things you may need to better start your adventure. "Hey Frast, this new one looks like he could use some hard coins to line his pockets, looks a little thin, and judging by that steel pot he's wearing on his head, a little under-equipped. What say you young one? Would you join us on our next trade run? Or possibly welcome a berth aboard our ship? There be a bit of coin to be made today if you are interested. "This here is Frasty, and I myself am Templin Lonewolf, but ye can call me Temp, pull up a chair. Sit a spell, and tell us what brings you to such dire straights as to find yourself in our esteem'd company."


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