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August 3, 2008

Experience Wanted!
by Sygin

This is Sygin reporting live from the Man 'O War the "Decadent Embrace". Many people know Pode as a strong person. Willing to help out a friend in need, or even one who would take someone on a long and arduous trade run. This interview though is about the man, soon to become legend, for setting up multiple accounts of increased experience throughout the realm of Medievia. As anyone who has been on a ship will soon learn, it is a long and harrowing episode fraught full of danger and rewards. You have chances to sink to the bottom, but also to kill serpents and get the coveted Serpent Hunter badge of honor to proudly display to your friends and clan mates.

I was on Decadent Embrace when Pode used his mighty power to cast the spell for double experience points. Rumors circulate that certain specific corpses of different creature can award not just one person, but the whole realm with the ability to get twice the experience from killing various creatures as normal. It was the first time i have seen that thing happen and i was most impressed by it. After asking Pode how long he has been shipping he said for only three weeks thus far. He mentions how much he loves his ship the Decadent Embrace, and also how much it means to him. Having sunk the ship a total of at least 6 times over the past three weeks, but still using the care and taking the effort to put the ship back to normal after each time it sank.

He started out as a man with a dream, and a paltry 300million gold in his bank account which he used to start out his adventure into shipping. This Earl named Pode comes from a large family starting with the Patriarch Clivos. Pode with a bit of a tear in his eye recounts how he "grew" on the Decadent Embrace and learn to ship on it, starting out with nothing but the armor on his back and the gold in his account, sinking ship after ship. The learning curve is steep for learning how to ship, but the price is well worth in when one figures out all the gold that they are going to get from it.

I asked him how he learned to ship or who "taught" him to ship and recounted that two close friends of his did so. One Duke Romsek of the Circle Of Power., and One Duke Samehdi of the Malicious Exiles. Both of which spend innumerable time teaching Pode how to ship with the patience and understanding that only two wise teachers can provide. After all the crashes and sinking of the ship's he has owned Pode considers it to be the luckiest one that he knows of. It has sailed on with over 150 tons of water in it. Ran its sails while fully on fire blazing the midnight sky with colors of orange and red from the burning wood with embers flying up into the sky.

The times he has been able to get the coveted spell he has had to fight numerous Krait battleships in hazardous waters with only his wits and cunning to help see him through the fight. Standing alone on his mighty ship he cunningly grapples the opposing ships and launches an assault on them to board them, Fighting enemy cleric and mages alike in a battle field flying with spells of deadly proportion and even deadlier blades. When asked why he does this sort of thing he told me rather confidently that he enjoys it, and he loves seeing the gold fall into the chest in the hold earning him more and more profit as he fights a seemingly unending battle that could end quickly and sharply and as the case proves does at time. So i am here to tell you when you go after monsters and creatures alike to gain experience from them and become a stronger warrior. Hold one name in the forefront of your mind, Pode the mighty, he is the one that on at least two occasions has enabled all of you to enjoy the spoils of victory. Reporting the news as i see it, Sygin.


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