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What Happened to Thirteen?
by Supirio

As many of you may have realized 'Malice' (Clan 13) who has recently held the number one ranked clan has just disbanded. If you are like me you might be wondering, "What happened?". Hopefully this article will squash any rumors that are incorrect since the information will be coming straight from the source of the disband, Braxx himself.

Supirio: Will you still be playing Medievia or retiring?

Braxx: I will still be playing but not a lot, a few hours a week.

Supirio: Is that the main reason you decided to disband the clan?

Braxx: Yes.

Supirio: How come you decided to disband the clan instead of passing the clan over to your co-leader or someone else?

Braxx: Well this is the second clan I've led and I also have co-led 1 or 2 other clans as well. I always thought I should give it everything I could, making as much effort as possible in order to make the clan a better place to be in. Now that I can't do it anymore I'd have to find someone that would not only think the same way about things but also accept my clan policy. That is usually a hard thing to do and I couldn't think of anyone who currently plays and could live up to what I just said.

Supirio: When did you decide to disband? It seemed abrupt to even your clannies from what I gathered by comments made on Immortal and Legend channels.

Braxx: I came to the final decision yesterday (Thursday). I emailed real-estate today and got a telepath saying done. Usually real-estate talks to you before they take action so I was going to tell my clannies as soon as I got a response, so I guess it was a big surprise to everyone and a small surprise to me.

Supirio: What was the hardest part about being a clan leader?

Braxx: I guess the disagreements were the hardest part, you think things should be done in a certain way and as leader you are supposed to set the path and you're confident you're doing the right thing, but everyone else thinks you're not (by everyone else I mean clannies.) The hardest part would be doing something against everyone's wishes just because its the right thing to do for the clan, it's hard to get through to people. For example, I decided we don't talk to our enemies when we are fighting them in any way. Like if you get banked or bank someone don't shout etc. Once in a while someone would do that even though I explained numerous times why and got everyone's support for it. People know they should be doing something, but they do the opposite even though its the wrong thing to do AND its against clan policy.

Supirio: Overall, do you think the clan was a success or failure, and why?

Braxx: Overall I think the clan was a success, even though there are many things I wasn't happy about and I think I didn't handle the way I should have. It was a success because activity was good almost 24/7 and we managed to touch most aspects of the game. We had some people trading, some combing, some shipping, and we ran lots of eq.

Supirio: What about clan 12? Was it created to join 13? Do you feel bad leaving it behind?

Braxx: Clan 12 was basically created to join us, but it was meant to be a newbie clan so one clan didn't have much impact on the other, so I don't feel bad at all.

Supirio: What was your biggest accomplishment while leading?

Braxx: I think my biggest accomplishment while leading was feeling confident enough to lead 22 people into a cpk brawl. I knew I could do it because we've practiced before, I knew they could follow my lead. We won about 3 cpk brawls even numbered I was very happy about that, everyone had their role and I don't want to take credit from the team that did an outstanding job but I would still like to have some credit for myself.

Supirio: What is one thing you'll take away from the experience, something you've learned?

Braxx: Always do what you think is best and make no compromises. I think I was considered a harsh leader but looking back I should have been much more of that.

Supirio: There is a fine line between being a harsh leader and a dictator though.

Braxx: What I'm trying to say is that line doesn't exist, I should have been a dictator 8*). You need to do what you think is best because your the leader, you set the path, you set the policy, ultimately you decide what is good for your clan and what isn't.

Supirio: Ok thanks for the interview and good luck!


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