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All About the Hellreaper's Citadel
by Supirio

I'm sure that you have seen the message, broadcast over the Current Event channel informing all of Medievia that "A massive flying Citadel has been spotted" near some zone or clantown. But what is it? How do I enter it? How do you complete it? What are the rewards of completing it? Hopefully this article will take the guesswork out of Hellreaper's and give you a better understanding of how to go about completing one successfully. In short, the Hellreaper's citadel is a flying CPK zone that contains the Hellreaper himself as well as a bunch of zombies which you must kill in order to collect souls. Once you have collected 15 souls you can kill the Hellreaper and defeat the mob faction successfully.

Preparing to enter the Hellreaper: First get a group together, if its your first time I suggest getting a full formation together in case you run into some other players also trying to complete the Hellreaper. You don't want to have the entire group under the Hellreaper waiting because it will attract zombies, its best to have one person get under it and have everyone phase that person to avoid the zombies in the wilderness. The loot limit is a random number between 2 and 7, if this would be your first time attempting a reaper with friends, you could wait until a 2 or 3 loot limit reaper in case you do run into trouble, the risk is minimal. You can track the citadel using the weather command (you will notice a yellow 'C' inside of the storm). To be extra careful, you could have a friend stay out in the wilderness and watch for a yellow message which is displayed when someone enters the Hellreaper. This way if your inside killing zombies and your friend sees 6 messages fire off (You watch as a bright red light shoots up into the citadel), you will know 6 people have entered the Hellreaper.

Entering the Hellreaper:

You enter the Hellreaper by standing under the storm and going up into it. Before entering make sure your formation knows the following: 1) how they can and can't exit the reaper 2) not to kill zombies solo, make sure they are with formation or they will not count for everyone 3) not to engage the hellreaper until the group has collected all souls 4) to use the map command 5) to meet at the yellow * (bottom level). Make sure everyone is well informed in case there is a battle between other players your group will know what they can and can't do 6) shield rooms and traps do not work inside a reaper.

Navigating through the Hellreaper:

The quickest way to navigate through the reaper is by using the map command. Another good command is to have the Listen channel on to hear movements around you. There are five levels to the reaper, the bottom level can be distinguished because the exit is there which is represented by a yellow *. The red symbols are stairwells which can go up or down, so when you are randomly placed inside the reaper race to the stairwells and make your way down to the exit to meet the rest of the formation.

The four ways to exit a Hellreaper: (You cannot teleport or recall out)

  1. Upon successful completion of the reaper the entire form will be exited from the citadel.
  2. Death from a zombie. Death will immediately take you out of the citadel, preventing any other player from being able to loot you. You may be able to die to the Hellreaper as well however Urimar was mortally wounded from the Hellreaper for several minutes before dying while people were able to loot him so I suggest dying to a zombie if trying to escape by death.
  3. Walk out the exit (which is located on the bottom level and marked by a yellow *). Simply walk down and you will placed back into the wilderness.
  4. Death from another player, in which case you will corpse inside the citadel, allowing other players to loot you up until the limit is reached.
Completing the Hellreaper:

To defeat the Hellreaper and complete the zone successfully you need to collect all required souls (shown by the 'score' command) by killing zombies. Once you have collected 15 souls you will then be able to successfully defeat the Hellreaper. If you engage the Hellreaper before you have collected all 15 souls, he steals them back and you go back to 0.

Rewards from completing the Hellreaper:
  1. Heropoints (depending on how efficient the formation was in collecting the souls will determine the amount of heropoints, 400+ heropoints)
  2. Gold (normally around 3,500,000+ coins per person)
  3. Equipment: (a dragon crystal, a shard from from the Hellreaper's crucifix: Lvl(28) Loc(held) Regen:(Lv:31 Fireshieldx3) hr(+4) ss(-3) plague (proficiency)(+30%) (NO EGG FRAGILE) 5 days, a nail from the Hellreaper's crucifix: Lv(0) Loc(held) dr(+5) hp(+40) parry (success)(+30%) (NO EGG FRAGILE) 5 days)
The person who receives the killing blow receives all the items, then usually formations can roll or decide who gets the equipment from there. I hope this has helped you understand Hellreaper's a little better and gets you on your way to completing your first successful reaper!


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