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Interview with Several Clan Leaders
by Supirio

Hello fellow Medievians, it is time for my very first interview session, and I have chosen to interview our newest clan leaders. We have now seen four new clans created within the past few weeks, so I thought we should get to know the leaders and hear about the plans they had for their new clan.

1. How long have you been playing Medievia?

Kwahevoda: Getting close to a decade now.

Tenen: From my first char, probably about 8 , maybe 9 years now.

Tleil:: I started playing sometimes in June 2003.

Tantalen: I have been playing Medievia since 1993/1994. I played back when we had to wait for Vryce to come home from work and turn the game on haha.

2. How many clans have you been in and what's the longest you've ever been in a clan? What's the longest you have ever been in a clan?

Kwahevoda: Quite a few, since I've been playing for awhile :) And the longest I was in one was between 4-5 years.

Tenen: Not very many clans, I was mainly Nash, Black Conclave of Nashite and Jade Phantoms Of Nashite. Longest time would be about 7-8 yrs in JPN.

Tleil:: Oh a lot i guess, listing them is rather pointless :). Longest home has to be 91.

Tantalen: I don't move around a lot in clans. I have been in 5 clans in my med days. I started off in Knights Templars under Cosmo, then was recruited out of it to join Followers of Cain under Volito. When Volito quit med, I was put in as the new clan leader. I was the last leader of Followers of Cain. My next clan was one that I started called Crusader's of the Darkworld. I was approached by Yuri who wanted me to start a CPK clan so I gave up COD and Yuri and I started Children of the Apocalypse: The New World Order. Yuri and I quit for a few months at this time and clan 8 folded up soon after. I then joined LosK, which became my home clan for many many years. Losk came to a point in the game where we needed another clan to ally with so I created Anarchists of Retribution, clan 95. Recently when Vryce decided to make smaller towns and I found it fitting to re-create clan 95, Anarchists of Retribution, if for nothing else, the history associated with the clan.

3. What is your top three favorite things to do on Medievia?

Kwahedova: Chat with friends, trade run with Cadence, and help out nice newbies where I can

Tenen: Shipping, eq'ing and rolling.

Tleil:: Top three hmm. Just whatever really if i am doing it with the right people.

Tantalen: I LOVE to smallman equipment. That's probably my favorite thing. My second favorite thing is player kill. I don't really get into killing newbies who are trying to exp, I like to tango with other heroes and other high level characters. Lastly, but not least, I am totally into my bloodline.

4. What made you decide to create a new clan?

Kwahevoda: I've been considering making a clan for awhile now, with the new changes for clans and towns, the time seemed right!

Tenen: I created a new clan as a result of leaving clan 45 and because sistering was free, also a lot of the old clans are too set in their ways, I wanted a clan that could adapt.

Tleil:: Boredom, drama queens, whiners.

Tantalen: The changes Vryce implemented, and the difficulty we had finding an existing clan that we meshed with is was pushed us to create AoR.

5. How did you come up with the name for your new clan?

Kwahevoda: Well, we knew we'd be sistering to Tleil's clan and he had told me the names he was aiming for, generally along the lines of the current name it has now (Malice). So me and a friend were brainstorming how to make it still have that evil connotation, but still be newbie-friendlier. A name we could enjoy and that would also make it easy to have a theme for our clantown.

Tenen: I don't know, it just popped into my head.

Tleil:: I didn't I wanted Evil, apparently was inappropriate so Sevli came up with Malice, I liked it.

Tantalen: This name is actually a tribute to Followers of Cain. FoC was totally into creating chaos and anarchy. We had a motto of 7-fold that we took about the game everywhere we went. This is where the retribution part comes in. If you look at our new clan hall, you will see, "7-Fold" in dripping crimson above our Merkaba.

6. What are the long term goals of your new clan?

Kwahevoda: To create a family within the clan, help educate more players and create a bit more of a friendly environment, add to the competition, and hopefully it'll lead to them having their friends join the game as well.

Tenen: I'd like to hold top 10 in shipping, have good tr and town games ranks and have fun.

Tleil:: To have fun.

Tantalen: The long term goals of our clan is to create a place for all of our members to be able to achieve their own personal med goals. We are literally a team. If one of us needs help, there are people there to help, no matter how big or small. I have no ambition to "take over med" as some of the clans try to do these day, we are more about personal growth and having a good time. We all work for a good healthy balance of med time and real life time. Another one of our big goals is the cultivation of actual "NEW" players. I would rather have an actual new player than most current 124's. The new players don't have some of the horrible attitudes I see in the game now. I have played med for years and years and have never had so much trash talk said to me in the history of the game. Vryce is dead on when he talks of there being no honor. Everyone seems to be out for themselves. We want to promote personal growth in a healthy, giving, clan oriented way.

7. What impact on the game do you think your clan will bring?

Kwahevoda: More complaining of some sort, I'm sure. Hopefully we can be viewed as simply friendly competition, and people will wish to send their friends who are new players to us.

Tenen: Time will tell.

Tleil:: No impact, we are nothing special, just chillin and killin.

Tantalen: Again, I don't plan to have a massive impact on the game, I want to have a massive impact on the people in the clan.

8. How did you decide on who to pick to co-lead your clan?

Kwahevoda: For now, it will remain myself, because it's truly hard to choose a co-leader overall. I don't wish to have anyone feeling slighted at the moment, and the co-leader I had in mind in unavailable at this time. However, a coleader should be on the same wave-length as the leader in almost all things. There should be complete trust, which is sometimes hard to give, especially when you've had bad experiences before. They should be good friends and also be able to have a good argument and be able to voice exactly how they feel about things to each other. I find these qualities in quite a few of my friends who were willing to pledge to me, but I would rather just wait or have them take turns at being coleader.

Tenen: I picked an ex townie, because he's a good recruiter and is on often.

Tleil:: Wasn't that much of decision there are only 2 people who I would let co-lead a clan lead by me and one of them is currently leading another clan.

Tantalen: I haven't chose a co-leader yet. When I do I will take a lot of things into consideration. It will have to be someone who is REALLY active. Clans falter when leaders are not active. Ideally I want a co-leader who plays alternate hours as I do. I play a lot in the middle of the night, game time, so someone who plays during the morning and day will be a huge help. I want a co-leader who will lead exp/eq/ and have a good attitude towards the clan members. The one thing I won't tolerate in a co-leader is some massive ego. I want my co-leader to realize that even tho we are "clan leaders" were not on some pedestal. Our clannies are the important one's and we are there to do what they ask of us.

9. If you could implement one change on Medievia right now, what would it be?

Kwahevoda: I'd like to see more options again. Thing felt a lot more fun when they weren't mandatory. For example, I remember when town games first came out and you could request who to go against. Many clans that were competitive would challenge each other repeatedly. But then you HAD to do them for points, and often times the match was unfair when it was randomized. Ships are wonderful, but there was more ship vs ship against each other battles when fae wasn't much of an issue. When they first came out, there was racing and battles that were set up in friendly play that Vryce offered to host. I love it when things are optional because it's more enjoyable when it isn't forced.

Tenen: Island code and dinosaur mf's.

Tleil:: Implement ... I've always liked the idea of having lockable cpk arena.

Tantalen: CPK. I have alot of idea's in mind that would fix cpk. I thing Vryce is moving in the right direction by making changes to CPK. He speaks of how the game is full of haters now. I feel that the current CPK status is what has created these monstrous ego's. People think that because they go into CPK with a talented CPK leader, and can spam a target that is called, that they are somehow some skilled CPKer. WRONG. While their cpk leader is skilled, the cannon fodder is not. These are the people I see with the massive ego's who spew nothing but trash when they talk. I would love nothing more than to see these people change. Med needs respect and honor, I think that changing cpk will help to change this. It took several years for things to get this bad, it will take several years for respect and honor to return. I can promise you, my clannies will have honor and respect.

10. What do you think will be the biggest challenge for your new clan to overcome?

Kwahevoda: Finding new players, especially heroes, who are willing to admit how newbie they are. We want to help people who want to learn, we also want activeness. We want those willing to lead, but also willing to step back and let others lead them.

Tenen: Initially it would probably be having to enroll active players, then having to hold a good rank.

Tleil:: That would be greed.

Tantalen: I think the biggest challenge facing today's clans, and my clan, will be the ability to remain diverse. There are so many different fronts that clan's need to keep on top of. You need to be able to pick up clan rank, earn respect for your clan/clannies, and provide your clannies with a healthy enviroment for people to grow and learn in. My clans biggest challenge will be to become competitive in the clan ranks. We are basically gonna start from scratch and work our way up

Thanks for reading. I hope this will give us all a better understanding of what each clan and clan leader is all about. Everything was unedited except minor cuts to length in Tantalen's responses.


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