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The Value of Good Equipment
by Supirio

Since I returned to Medievia seven months ago I have noticed a growing trend which is active players wearing base equipment. When I stopped playing Medievia I had a base set of equipment in case I logged in or unretired I'd at least have something to use until I could put together a decent set. I thought maybe I should give a little insight into the world of "max equipment" or "max sets". Even though I have owned max statistic sets of equipment for almost ten years now, this article is entirely my opinion. I hope that some other players will understand what message I am trying to convey in this article.

I always view owning max equipment as an investment or renting it. Before buying any max piece make sure you know the current market value of the piece so you don't overpay. What do I mean by renting the equipment? I mean that if I pay 50mil for an unegged nemesis ring, I know that I can egg it for 6 months and the item will still have a "Bright Aura". I also know that a bright nemesis ring goes for approximately 40-45mil, therefore this item is going to cost me approximately 1mil a month to "Rent" it, plus eggs of course. The going rate for eggs right now are 2mil per 200, so it costs approximately 1.33mil. So to own a max ring it would cost me approximately 2.3mil a month. Right now I have 9 pieces of equipment that need to be egged, but some pieces are popped and dont require eggs for a good six months. So figure approximately 20mil a month to maintain my current set.

The ironic thing about max equipment is sometimes you buy something at market value and one month later it is worth 30-40% more, depending on who wants to buy that equipment. So after all is said and done usually you either can break even or make a little money if you don't let the eq get to a flickering or black aura condition, thats when the eq loses a lot of value, so try to get rid of faint equipment before it goes black. This is what I meant by by owning max equipment as an "investment".

There are two types of max equipment. A max tyche could be a 40hp 3hr tyche, while a uber max tyche could be 50hp 3hr. A 40hp 3hr tyche goes for approximately 80mil right now, but a 50hp 3hr tyche may go for 500mil+. When obtaining a max set for the first time attempt to obtain the lower end of max eq, which is still far superior to base or sub base eq. A pristine 4hr 3dr asnor wristband will go for approximately 8mil with 185days on it, while a 5/3 brimstone may cost near 50-60mil a difference of 50mil for 1 hitroll. Be smart when putting together your set and you should be able to put a nice set together for 200mil.

I hope to see more players getting into some max gear and away from base sets. A base set is for people who play a couple hours a week or are retired. If you're playing an hour or two a day and active when you log in, there is no reason you shouldn't strive to obtain better equipment - it makes killing mobs easier, joining quests a possibility, and being a much more valuable asset in your formation. You don't have to buy all equipment either, many pieces are fairly soloable or duoable which will cut costs greatly and reap large rewards when and if you decide to sell.


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