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Will Chaos ever be restored to the Chaotic Player Kill areas?
by Supirio

This is a good question that no one really knows the answer to. Several events and changes in recent days have happened that may or may not shake things up a litlte bit, only time will tell. Vryce has made it known that if the current status of CPK does not change within five months time he might have to remove it altogether! That would be one of the largest changes in Medievia's history if it was removed. If you haven't read Vryce's journal you can read it by simply using the 'Vryce' command in game, in his journal he explains why he believes CPK may have to be removed.

One of the changes that will be implemented by the end of October that could shake things up a bit is that clantown's will now only be able to have a maximum of two clans. In addition, a clan can be created without having to be sistered to another clan. Many players have voiced their opinion's that large clantown's and the huge numbers people bring into CPK is ultimately killing CPK. Other plays say it's this or that, in the end only one thing will change the status of CPK and that's the players themselves. Vryce feels that a large portion of the current players who CPK have no honor and that many players talk the talk, but never wind up walking the walk. Maybe he is right, if people spent half the time they do talking about CPK inside CPK players would have less to complain about.

Another recent event that may shake things up in CPK is the creation of a new clan by Tleil. It is hard to tell how this will affect CPK, since many of the players who have pledged to go to this clan were in the Outlaw Legion clantown to begin with. As a member of the Outlaw Legion clantown, I can say that some were dissappointed in the way players decided to leave, but others were motivated by the news. Perhaps if one or two more small CPK clans started up along with this one, it would add enough variables back into CPK to make it truely Chaotic once again.

By the end of October, clantowns can only have two clans max. This change could have an impact on reducing the zerg (Zerg: large group of players who rely on their sheer numbers, rather than their superior game skills, to win) some players complain about. However, the effect of this change could be neutralized with alliances. Koraxis from the Insurrection clan has made it known that their clantown is looking for a clan to sister Clan 16 and ally permanently with 4 and 98, theoretically creating a larger town than they had before the smaller town change. Their reasoning is not to create a larger town which ultimately it could possibly do, but rather to hang onto Clan 16 which they created and built from the ground up when larger towns were required. The Outlaw Legion clantown will face the situation with clan 105.

The last, but not least, change that will have an impact on CPK is the anticipated return of the 'where' command in CPK. Vryce stated that this command will be back shortly and this could also have a positive impact on the amount of people going into CPK. Only time will tell if chaos will ever be restored to the Chaotic Player Kill areas. Hopefully the next five months will be interesting ones and the playerbase can prove to Vryce that CPK is here to stay. In the end he has left it up to the players to decide whether or not CPK will stay through our actions and words, and as we all know, actions speak louder than words.


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