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A Calm Night in the Barbegazian Alps
by Supirio

Late one evening about six weeks ago, Regalio telepathed me that the crystal dragonscales loaded at the Barbegazian Alps. He knew I needed one more set of them so that I could make a crystalline eye of foresight and was willing to help me obtain them. The eye is useful in several situations but it is mostly a big help for Hellraider's, shipping, and trading. I arrived first so I created two sets of skis and waxed them so we could head off to the ski jump. After jumping successfully we did our normal routine of charming some mobs to prepare to fight the dragon and headed towards the lake where he is located.

We walked into the CPK lake and carefully trapped around engaged the iceshielded dragon with a few charmed mobs on our side and fought it for many rounds. We iced the dragon successfully and looted the corpse. This is one of the few mobs in the game that drops some decent gold so we split the 1.4 million up and we were about to leave, but at the last second we decided to stay to ice the animated statue which loaded the glacial hand. Turns out Vio one of our bloodline, was looking for a decent one, so we started re-charming the mobs that we unformed, thats when the calm night in the Barbegazian Alps turned out to be the calm before storm.

After casting Sanctuary on myself I rested to regain the mana back, we were charming mobs and bringing them to the room north of the dragon in CPK. I had one mob in formation which happened to be front center and I was in the back center location. Suddenly Regalio notifies me that Vanaryck was in CPK so I quickly stand out of my resting position. Not even one second later I got backstabbed with a tripled by Vanaryck's super elemental wielding a powerful weapon. The damage was severe, I went from 1000 hp to under 50 hp. I self healed two times and Regalio healed me twice, so I had around 650hp, at this point I fled, came back into the room and successfully cast Hands of Wind on Vanaryck to remove the super elemental from his formation. I stood up after hands and attempted to backstab Vanaryck, however he was no longer in the room. Even though the super elemental was unformed, much to my surprise it backstabbed me again with another triple, this time killing me. Regalio conjured an elemental and resurrected me quickly where I walked out of the lake CPK into NPK, I had thought I could not teleport from that location however I was incorrect, you can teleport from the lake CPK, safe at last.

Ironically, Vanaryck never knew that I had even died. Once he was unformed he figured he had missed his opportunity. He was shouting from NPK "I almost had you" when I was laying dead in CPK, so I wound up explaining what had happened and the three of us laughed about the whole experience. This is just one small example of why Chaotic Player Kill areas should always remain in the game forever, this just wouldn't have been the same thrill if it were GPK or NPK.


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