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July 4, 2009

A Return to Medievia
by Antons

The night of June 12th was a lonely night so I decided to log out of wow, which had became boring, after a little over a year of endless play. I sit staring at my screen wondering how I came to this point. I had beaten the game, as I thought I had beaten Medievia years earlier. I had set out to: lead the number one guild on the server, get more than 50 mounts, more than 50 pets, have all the current content on farm, and get over five thousand achievement points. I knew having accomplished what I set out to do that I must quit, and look for something else to do.
I thought back to a time on Medievia when I said to myself I will do these ten things, and when I accomplish them I’ll quit: lead the number one clan on Medievia, have over one hundred medals, over 1 million dragon points, over five hundred million trading, over one million fae. I don’t recall the rest of the list, but I crossed them off as I blew through them. So I decided to log into Medievia for a peek at what had changed.
I was immediately ninja-enrolled in clan 69 by an old friend Aimonsorcio. I promptly gave him my most prized possession on Medievia the fifty or so clanitems, I had tucked away on a secret character years before. I wanted to start over, from scratch as it were. I figured over the years I had probably touched over a thousand clanitems, some in trades, others bought and sold for profit, others stashed on a secret character no one ever knew about. Hell, I even had a couple hundred purged all at once, because I was an idiot and couldn’t stay on the down-low with my shenanigans when I was a teenager.

Anyway, as I spoke with Aimonsorcio and the other 69ers, I began to realize that Medievia is truly a game without “end-game”. Sure you can set a list of goals and jet when you complete them, if you can find the strength to leave. But, you will never beat it. You can only accomplish what you set out to do. As you are accomplishing those tasks, the game is growing and expanding with new features creating new tasks that you’ll want to accomplish. I began to understand the true genius of Vryce. Medievia was the first and most endlessly expanding game I'd ever saw, with its primary focus to have no end. I have played many other games, and all seem to try to do the same through patches and perhaps the occasional new zone. BUT. None are expanding in as many ways, and in as many directions as Medievia is. These companies are all trying to grasp a concept which Vryce has already mastered, how to avoid the feeling of end-game.
For these reasons I have no reserve saying that Vryce's ideology is sound, and Medievia can have a player base of several thousand fairly quickly, with the right recruitment, advertising, and retention schemes. Yes, I agree its not the fancy-pants graphics of some of the blizzard or wii games, but let us not forget the other thing it has going for it.. ITS FREE! Word of mouth alone will not get us there. Creativity and thinking outside the box, to create new ways of pulling people in will, and it can be done free. Challenge our primary demographic directly and in mass: to try a game with no ending, for free, with 24 hours of double xp, and see what happens. Seek out those who would post our banners for free on their download sites, forums, and gaming sites.. But also ponder new avenues of grabbing people who would otherwise normally not even see a gaming banners. Maybe those currently playing some of those graphics games.. Anyway, I used to be one of those downers who thought the player base would continue to decline.. I can now see a light at the end of the tunnel as it were, and it is rapidly approaching.



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