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December 13, 2008

Battle Against the Khrait
by Pode

This is Pode reporting in with a truly amazing account that happened recently in the battle against the khrait.

It all started when clantown 79, my town, became engaged in a towngame fae race with clan 21. As usual, our town quickly got to work and shoved off on many different ships from docks across the land.

One of these ships happened to be man o' war Ehl Nina captained by Thalesia taking off from Sea's End. Thalesia later recalled to me that once she had moved out of safe waters and had just began to chum for some serpents she noticed a seemingly odd storm out of the east. Then it was not that much longer before litte white sails began to prick the horizon. These ships quickly drew closer. That was when she realized they were chasing Ferral's ship, as Ferral's ship was nearing the docks west of her.

She was directly between the fleeing Ferral and the chasing khrait ships.

Two khrait ships appeared shortly cutting across the waters and made their attacks. The seasoned veteran Thalesia calmly used her man o' war's superior cannon power to ice these first two without much of a fight. Soon after this victory a tight knit group of four khrait came from the horizon with their cannon's billowing smoke. Again Thalesia held them back but this time her ship did not come out unscathed.

Thalesia wisely began to flee the khrait and called for help from clans Circle of Power and Tribe of Malicious Exiles. She later expressed to me how much support she got from our town. Many people raced to the ship and quickly went to work repairing, pumping, and putting out fires. Despite these heroics the khrait ships continued to swarm.

For the longest time Ehl Nina survived incredible odds as Thalesia bravely fought to make her way towards the safety of the docks. Unfortunately the fires on Ehl Nina became too great and she slowed down to a near stop and was over ran by khrait.

Before being blasted into bits off the eastern coast, Thalesia managed to sink 10 khrait ships. An amazing feat by any standard and a day that won't soon be forgotten.

Although that ship was sank clantown 79 did not give up hope and still came back and won that towngame fae race!

Happy khrait and serpent hunting.



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