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Spiders and Centaurs and Piggies, Oh My!
by Oakan

Oh, and wolves. Did I mentions wolves? It was a quiet day in Town 100 when Mysteries of the Forgotten clan co-leader Jurius announced a town trade run. Always one for adventure, especially when it means big money, I signed on. Jurius is an experienced trade run leader, so I thought we'd be fine. A full form, all of them bigger than me (one of my personal criteria), and lots of time to get there.

We set out, with several heroes, full wagons, and high spirits. But things went bad. Then worse. We made our descent into hell, a common feature of these trade runs, and came out intact. Then, for unknown reasons, folks kept leaving. Soon our form of nine was down to seven. But we pressed on.

However, about halfway through, our leader needed to AFK for a few minutes. Not a problem. Xyla, brave and true, stepped up and took command. After all, Jurius was coming back. It was just for a few minutes after all. We continued on, dragging Jurius as an extra until his return.

Xyla believes that the mob factions pop just for her and I can tell you this, she is RIGHT! First we had spiders, then centaurs, then more spiders AND centaurs, and then piggies. All in one room? You betcha.

By this time, I was dead. What else is new? I die a lot. But so was Jurius, and most of the others. Still, Xyla resurrected us and we pressed on. Right into the wolves. And more spiders. Did I mention the centaurs and the piggies? Our brave troupe fought on and on and on and on. The mobs came in waves, and hordes, and battalions and even mobs. Our group, now six in strength, continued.

Xyla led us for what seemed like hours, and might have been days, and we were tired and hungry and worn out. Not to mention unsure where we were going. But no one whined and no one asked "Are we there yet?" After, at least a week on the road, we arrived at Seas End and cashed out. Happy with close to 3.5 million in new gold, we raised the valiant Xyla high on our shoulders and cheered our new heroine! I'll follow Xyla ANYWHERE after that one.


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