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Newbie Trading Experiences
by Oakan


OMG, I was omw to a tr, after visiting the stables for an appa, wondering wth I was getting myself into. An experienced mudder, I was still a newbie and a lowbie, single class atm, to Med. Suddenly my clannies and townies wanted me to do a tr, which of course is my alias for 'cast tremor' so I was mystified. Once I had en 99, phased to the leader, fol whoever it was, I was told to buy covered. I was pretty sure I was dressed, but I checked both my person irl and my char eq. Yep, I was covered on both fronts. So I just fol instructions, bought seed, and soon a covered wagon was somehow following me.

We took off, in a form, after being told to tic full, self sanc, look for orbs, and refol if separated. By now, I was so confused I just hung back and watched the others. We were repeatedly told to bash, xheal, tic, and mount. I was just starting to think I understood when clan channel started talking about ship req myst and crabs and fae. I was reading help files as fast as I could, but appa spam kept me scrolling back. I was told I could gag appa spam but had no idea how. We then entered Hell. Literally. Where, apparently, you cannot die. But then I was dead. WTH 'sup?

I started looking for an altar when someone told me to just not corpse and I would be res'ed. How do you not corpse, I wondered aloud. Or rather em'ed, after someone told me how. Disconnect? How? Go link dead? What? Someone asked what client I was using and all my fellow dead looked puzzled when I said mush. Get mm2k, I was told. WTH?

We fought numerous mfs and periodically an imp would arrive to give me money. Why, I was not sure. We went into a lion's den, a place with spiders and gold on the ground, and even fought a couple of dragons. Do dragons come after you kill lions, wolves or centaurs? Do they really follow Kelkazar all around the mud as he claims? No clue. Sometimes someone would ask hmtnl which I thought was a programming language. W/e.

For hours, I bravely followed along in the wake of the form, fighting when I could, xhealing when I couldn't fight. Eventually, we got to lyr, sold all, sold covered and I found myself 3 mil richer in gold and about 5 mil further down the road to level.

While I was grateful to the tr leader, and all the casters and tanks who joined the form, I was most grateful, and continue to be, to the kind souls who answered all my questions. Med has it's own language, one not spoken in the other muds I've played, and I had never been exposed to tr or ships. Since that time, about two weeks ago, I've multi'd, reclassed, gained ldr and aq points, and am well on my way to my next class, and ultimately hero. But I couldn't have done it without the kind and helpful translators who had the patience to make my early days fun and exciting. And profitable.

For the newbies among us, a very short dictionary to mud talk:

  • OMG - Oh, my god.
  • OMW - On my way.
  • TR - trade run.
  • APPA - appaloosa, fastest horse in Medievia.
  • ORBS -important tools for forms, come in green or blue. If found, give to form leader.
  • APPA SPAM - You'll know it when you see it....
  • EM - Emote. One of the few ways to talk when dead.
  • WTH - What the hell?
  • XHEAL- Cross heal...more bang for your mana if you heal others and let them heal you, part of what makes Medievia such a community oriented game
  • mm2k - MudMaster 2000 appears to be the client of choice in Medievia.
  • Don't corpse - Disconnect from the mud and then reconnect. Keep doing this until help comes. Don't bother if there's no one around who can res you though.
  • RES - Resurrect.
  • W/e - Whatever.
  • MFS - Not what you think...means mob factions. And if you kill ALL of them, the imp gives you money. Go figure....
  • TIC - Rest so you can restore hps and mana.
  • CRABS - Beasties of the high seas. Give FAE points, w/e those are!
  • HMTNL - How much till next level.


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