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Dead Wrong
by Oakan

I got greedy. I admit it. The money was just too good and I do like seeing the aq points rack up. So I wasn't thinking when I went into Fire Giant's Keep on an autoquest. I was warned, I even said yes to enter the CPK zone. Dumb. Hell, someone even left the key on the front porch for me.

Just as I was sure I was going to make it and rake in some easy money, I was attacked from all sides by members of the Outlaw Legion. These are BAD GUYS. Not all of them. One member, whom I will leave nameless for his own protection, led me through Mellorian Citadel one night when I was on an aq. He even showed me how to get out. Probably a good thing that Mello isn't CPK is my guess. But maybe he's just a good boy in with a bad crowd.

Anyway, about fifteen of them ganged up on me and within seconds I was dead. Fifteen of them? I'm not that big. Three probably would have been enough.

Then they stripped me of my gear, my gold, and even some stuff of almost no value. Good thing I'm not too modest. . . I was naked when I finally ressed. My clannies, whom I contacted through secret Mysteries of the Forgotten channels, were ready to ride to my defense but by then I was too dead for help. However, at least one brave clannie went in and gave them what for while the rest tended to my wounds. I was coddled, outfitted, and given sage advice which I will pass on to those of you who have yet to suffer the humiliation of your first CPK death.

Do NOT go anywhere CPK without some big friends. And if they're better equipped, it's to your advantage. They'll steal your friend's stuff instead of yours.

Do NOT take any money into zone. If you get killed, you will lose it.

Do NOT take any clan items with you. Mine cost a clannie over 100 million to get back. Of course, I belong to a great clan which has a very powerful and sexy clan item that evildoers really want to get their hands on.

Better yet, don't go into any CPK zones unless you really have to. Autoquests are a dime a dozen and it wasn't worth it to be greedy. On the other hand, I learned some valuable lessons and will never make that mistake again.


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