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Into the Combs: A Guide to Egging for First Timers (Part I)
by Oakan

It was finally time to egg. I hit level 31 on my second class last night and needed 919 eggs to reclass. I had a few eggs from one run made with a clannie, but that time I was just a drag. I really wanted to learn how to navigate the combs.

My clannie, mentor and, it turns out, rl neighbor, Kelkazar, offered to take me into the old combs but we couldn't find the entrance in Brookhaven. We had just decided to give up and go to bed (not together!) when the new combs popped. Away we went.

We were second in, right behind another clannie, and pickings were good. Right away, I learned the importance of bags. Mine were pretty much full and I had to borrow some from Kel. Note to self: empty bags are a must.

For the first ten minutes or so, Kel dragged me, having me just pick up eggs as we went. Finally, in a mana room he sat me down for a talk and a lesson in basic combs. The mana room regenerates mana faster than normal and is the obvious place for a quick break. The lower your mana, the faster it will regen. Such a deal! However, it is not mob free so the ability to shield room is a must. Since I don't have mage skills yet, I made a note not to enter combs alone. Thank Vryce I have great clannies!

We ran a few more rooms and then found a "girl". She's not called girl, she's really called dreamweaver, but the cool thing is this: if you rest in a room with the "girl", you get teleported to another, hopefully less-picked-over, area of the combs. And the combs are HUGE so there's a good chance you'll get some eggs. Kel also taught me to charm weeds and eels to help me fight. Alas, another mage skill I don't yet have. But I watched Kel closely and learned. Sure glad I'm going to hero as mage in a couple of classes.

I learned that there are rooms that will hurt you - cave coral - unless you eat roots. These special roots, repaerdim roots, are found on hermits. DO NOT KILL HERMITS. Well, you can try but you'll die. Instead, steal the roots. Easy as waybread. Did it myself. Note: The hermit may be carrying eggs, but you can't steal eggs. Don't try.

I kept seeing names with numbers on them in some rooms and finally put it together.those were 'footprints' of who had been there before me and how many times. Wow. This comb thing is complicated as well as fascinating.

By now, we were both getting tired, but Kel had some dragonhides he wanted to make into equipment so we searched until we found the "shop", the only place you can make dragonhide equipment. But there's a catch. You have to answer a riddle. Definitely need to bone up on my riddles. He made some boots, and then we headed back to Med to turn in our eggs. My final tally, 69 eggs. Not bad for a first trip. Since I had my recent Mudslinger pay in the bank, I just bought the rest from Kel and we headed to Mt. Vryce.



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