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Centaurs On Rampage South of Trellor
by Oakan

Recent reports from a trade run nearing Trellor indicate that the evil centaurs are patrolling in large numbers. Estimates run as high as thirty centaurs per room and as of early this morning, there were over a hundred centaurs in surrounding areas. It is believed that the leader of the trade run may have done something to anger the DM, possibly by making mincemeat of a pack of wolves in very short order.

Despite a Hero-heavy full form, lead by the inimitable Prince Jurius of Mysteries of the Forgotten, the centaurs saw to it that no one left the site alive. Repeated forays by Jurius and the brave and ever resourceful Kelkazar were unsuccessful and eventually defeat was admitted.

Jurius, always trying to keep morale high, suggested the form take a break and run Mellorian Citadel, to our great delight. We then returned to Trellor and, to our amazement, the centaurs were gone. The trade run was completed successfully, interrupted only by some trees. All went home happy.

Interestingly enough, the ghost riders showed up just outside the trading post, apologizing profusely for their absence with the weak excuse that they had been rolling dice with the white centaurs. Perhaps disciplinary actions are in order for these all of these so-called protector mobs?


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