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Against all Odds
by Noelio

I have recently been hired by the Whispers of Death Clan to command their Fleet. In return for a fee, I captain their clanships and gather large amounts of fae magic for them. On the morning of October 12th, I took command of the clan's flagship, the Man O'War Influence at the docks in the city of Trellor. Upon completion the necessary preparations, I depart the docks in search of the great Sea Serpents.

Some time into my journey I begin to encounter these great creatures. At first the serpents are small and weak, dying quickly to the powerful broadsides of my warship. But as the Influence gained more and more Fae Magic, the serpents become larger and far more powerful. On more than one occasion I barely manage to keep my vessel intact.

After many battles I have accumulated a great deal of fae magic. Knowing that if I captured much more I would attract the attention of the Khrait Scoutships, I decide to return to safe harbour at Trellor. On the way back I encounter a gigantic ruby serpent. Thinking it safe to kill this beast, I begin to fire salvos into its massive body. Immediately the serpent prepares its ramming attack. Just as I am about to fire my full broadside into it, an enormous ruby serpent surfaces right in front of the other charging serpent. Knowing that I have no choice and that my gunfire will hit both serpents, I do the only thing I can do. Soon I have two very aggressive and very powerful serpents attacking me from every angle. After some near misses I manage to destroy the first serpent. Suddenly, the sky turns dark and a Storm from Afar appears. Khrait!

Realizing the grave danger, I step up my attacks upon the remaining serpent, hoping to take it out and escape with my ship largely intact. However, the Khrait have other plans. They appear quickly, three Sitharon-class scoutships, quickly surrounding me and pummeling my rigging. After some time I manage to isolate and destroy the serpent, but it splits!. Fighting for my life I manage to then destroy 3 of the 4 babies, but not before the Khrait inflict some severe damage to my rigging. I then turn on these aggressive ships and even manage to sink one, but before long I realize that there is no chance for total victory. Throwing pride to the wind, I order my workers to step up repairs on the rigging and try to escape. Yet for all the heroic actions of my noble deckhands, the remaining Khrait have no difficulty cutting off my escape and shooting my remaining sails to shreds. To add insult to injury, the last baby serpent surfaces just off my bow and, despite my attempted volley of lightning bolts, rams the Influence. Accepting the inevitable I prepare myself for death. Just as we are about to sink, Vryce arrives and offers some Divine Intervention. In the blink of an eye my ship is transported half way across the seas, out of danger. Thanking Vryce profusely, I manage to limp to harbour and deposit the Fae Magic. One thing is certain about the seas of Medievia: prepare for the unexpected!


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