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The Righteous Strike Again
by Noelio

It seems that my warning has fallen on deaf ears. On October the twenty-sixth, Malice sent forth the Man O'War Akaka fo Akakas to establish superiority over the seas of southern Medievia. Such a blatant challenge to my authority can not, of course, be tolerated. So it was that I found myself Captain of the newly-captured Wet Seacat, heading out of Sea's End to intercept this new threat.

After only five minutes out of port, I find my prey in combat with a humongous ruby whale. Closing the distance between us, I wait until we are within a stones throw of each other before firing. As I let loose my thunderous broadside into the enemy's rigging, I hear their deckhands screaming in fear of Ruby Kah. Realizing my clear advantage, I press my attack to the fullest. The Akaka fo Akakas, struggling against the wind to gain the safety of the nearby port, is an easy target for my powerful broadsides. Before long, their rigging is in tatters and I commence firing upon their vulnerable hull. As their discipline breaks down under the onslaught of my attack, they begin to fire back, with little success. By now, Akaka fo Akakas is heavily damaged, and incapable of retreat. Moving into the final stage of my battle plan, I position the Seacat broadside to Malice's warship, and fire volley after volley of murderous ammunition into the stricken vessel. A few moments later, the Akaka fo Akakas disintegrates into floating detritus.

To further my great victory, I then destroy the terribly wounded ruby serpent, gaining great Fae Magic and gold for the Righteous. Minutes later, the Wet Seacat pulls into harbor at Sea's End, my dominance quickly re-established.


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