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July 4, 2009

New Life For An Old Clan
by Templin

Hello fellow Medievians, I have returned to tell you a story, a story about the past, the present, and hopefully the future. In the City of Medievia there lies a house, it is a very old house, dating back to the dawn of time. A time when there where very few visitors to our wonderful city. A time of new growth in the world, new places being discovered, and new adventurers. This house is the home of a once great and powerful clan, loved by many, feared by some, but respected by all. This clan was, and still is called The Shadow Wolves. Lend me thy ears, and let me tell you a story of the past.

Many years ago, when Medievia was just being discovered, 6 new clans where formed in the realm. Adventurers were just emerging to bond together into groups, to fight the greater evils of the land. Banding together into 6 great and powerful clans, they grew bolder in their explorations and took to the wilderness. Each of these clans had a different purpose, or goal in mind. Their leaders and members all struggling to control the raging torrent of new adventurers joining their ranks. One such clan as mentioned above was full of adventurers of a different sort. Often solitary wanderers, more often then not, only coming out in the darkest of night. The wolves, gathered together by the first great Wolflord, Stormchylde, made a pact. They would stop their lone wanderings and come together to protect, and teach the new adventurers.

The Shadow Wolves of old, among them Liselle, Barnwalf, Jaketh,Tigerfern, Xereph, Templin, Nightshadow, Idefix, Lugh, Ratarko, Sedona, and many more, under Stormchyldes reign, ruled many aspects of the world we now share. They built their house in med city, filling it with many trophies of battles from across the world. Making it bigger as new wolves joined the ranks until it became the sprawling manse it is today. They were soon masters in all manner of things, from trading the open roads, to hunting as a pack, defending new adventurers, exploring new cities. These wolves were a tight knit group, more often then not, one would walk in just in the nick of time with a heal, or a sanctuary spell, and save some lone new adventurer lost in the wilderness. Wandering from the new cities of the world, to the old and back, telling tales of many new and wondrous discoveries, they became like ghosts, or shadows.

They more often then not still hunted only by themselves, yet when a call for help came, it was never surprising to see ten, twelve or even twenty of them show up to save one of their own, a true pack. Living in the shadows, they watched the new adventurers. Stalking from castle to forest, you would never know when one would offer a hand, or without a word spoken just appear out of the mist, to nod and disappear again just as fast. Granted in those days, many such were about, more often then not the adventurers in other clans would give battle, or chase to a lone wolf. Only to soon regret it. And never out of malice, did the wolves of old go to hunting, always with reason and restraint. For the shadows of the great forests, these great hunters and healers, nobles and common alike, where there to help. Soon the pack grew so large as to have to limit the new adventurers they allowed into this family. Carefully watching and selecting new cubs, molding them into great fighters from a young age, they soon grew in both power and renown. Running the most dangerous grounds, hunting equipment to better help the new adventurers, the wolves of old would put themselves into great danger.

This great pack of hunters, still exists today, many of the old, have gone to the great hunting grounds, but the foundation of what they built still exists. The very house they built still stands, lying in the shadow of the great Castle Medievia, it can still be found by those who know where to look. And some, it is whispered, are still wandering the great forests. Once again the lone wanderers from the ever growing and changing world around them. But a call has gone out, a whisper on the wind, a howl in the darkest of night, from a hilltop far away. A call for new blood, a call for those brave enough to join. A cry of help for a lone wolf. Will you throw away the bonds of society, wander a path less taken, and join the wolves of old. Born again through you, the brave adventurer, danger awaits you, will your courage stand the test of time. Come, let us see. Find the wolves, and find a family, a pack unlike any other, a home. For a new wolflord has come into his own, to lead the pack once again to a newfound glory.


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