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June 8, 2009

Interview with Madiya
by Belladain

Throughout the years clans have risen and fallen.   Sometimes created by groups of friends to meet mutual goals and other times by a single, very rich individual looking to attract like minded people to his cause.  Towns have created sister clans for newer players as a place to train them and learn the ways of the land.  Who can forget the Nashites who came from another world together to bring their particular brand of camaraderie to Medievia?

Vryce brought changes to the structure of clans.  From single entities sprung towns of up to 5 clans were born.  Culled down to 2 clans to spark competition

These days creating a clan is no simple task.  In the past it just took money.  Now it takes money and a large group of people already committed to joining the clan.  Finding this initial group is no easy task as most players are already in clans and not looking to strike out and try something new.

Recently Madiya, formerly of clan 22, started a new clan.

Thus the new clan 11 Dawn of the Ancients was born.

With the staggering cost of a new clan in mind I contacted Madiya with a few questions.  Busy with her new clan, and me being busy with double xp, I requested and received her e-mail address and sent a list of questions.  Without further ado here are her answers!

Q:  How long have you been playing Medievia and how did you get started?
A: I have been playing Medievia off and on for as long as I can remember. I would tell years, but that might give away my age! :P

Q:What made you decided to start your own clan?
A:While in 22, we were growing rapidly and it seemed that we never had an open spot in the clan. We all felt as a group, that a new sister clan would be needed for the growth of the clan, now town, 22 experience.


Q:Have you any previous experience with clan leading in Med or other games?

A: Do you have any specific goals you would like your clan to achieve? XP? EQ? Everything?
Q: The thing that made me fall in love with clan 22/town 22 is that we are very diversified. We have some experienced shippers that players can learn about the ocean from, many members to lead equipment runs of all kinds, several with a love for trading, those that enjoy combs, and of course the many that need experience. If I were to pick a favorite task we enjoy best, it would probably be town games as they include most of the options Medievia has to offer.

Q:Creating clans in today's Med is a big undertaking, very expensive and many requirements.  Was it difficult to meet those requirements and/or could you walk us through how you came about the means(signatures, money etc.) to start the clan
A:Well, much of the money came from clan 22, I just happened to be fortunate enough to get the seat in the leading position. Getting the pledges wasn't too hard as our clan has always been quite active and as I mentioned early, quite full.

Q:Is there any thing that is going to be implemented soon that you think will have a drastic effect on your clan and how they operate or is there anything you are looking forward to as a leader?
A: I look forward to every day as a leader, it is fun to be able to share my Medievia experience with close friends. The members of town 22 are amazing and when I am with them, the rest of the game world seems to disappear. I would have to say, this is the best group of people I have had the pleasure of playing with.

Q:Is there anything you wish would be implemented that would make your job as leader easier or more appealing? Or something you think SHOULD be implemented to make clans better?
A:I really cant think of anything I would want to implement. I am excited about ship trading and curious to see how much fun that will be.

Q:You very quickly towned with clan 22 after creation.  Was that pre-determined or did it come about after you created the clan?  What sort of connection do you have with them?
A:Yes, it was pre-determined as stated above. We are not two clans in my eyes,  just another way to grow.

Q:Is there anything else you'd like to say?
A:I would really like to thank clan 22 and those pledges and members of clan 11. I look forward to the many wonderful experiences, not because of what we will get into, but who I can get into it with! They are the greatest.



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