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June 8, 2009

Lucky Little Newbie

by Impet


Almost everything had been going wrong today.

This day had to be the most dire of each one that had ever been.  Impet had slept through the crier's calling the new day's arrival, but it must have been named something like 'The Most Foul Day You Shall Know'.  Until today, everything had been going so well.


It is Double Experience until Monday at 3am! You get twice the experience!


Vryce had recently recast magics of enhanced learning and growth upon the land, and her clan had gathered to celebrate this with a form that hunted for incredibly many hours, crossing the world again and again until there was nearly nothing left for her to learn in the mastery of clerical magic.  Deeply addicted to the use of mana, Impet had decided to follow the warrior's path next in the hopes that she might get past it and return to being a caster as quickly as possible.


She was about two thirds of the way to being done with the warrior's path when she woke to this most cursed day.  Still poorly adjusted to the mindset of a warrior, Impet clung to the clothing of a cleric and struggled to slowly cast what spells she could.  Bad luck was so thick upon the air this day that Impet could see, feel, and smell it.  And form-mates, clanmates, and she herself died again and again to one misfortune or another until finally she and a small handful of clanmates had clustered underground in the mines under Riverton, safely grubbing for experience a small drip at a time.  Painfully slowly, but far faster then waiting for someone to be reborn yet again.


[CLAN] You feel Templin say, 'combs in thanos'.
[FORM] Asra tells everyone, '4mil tnl'.
[FORM] Impet tells everyone, 'awesome'.
[FORM] Alsym tells everyone, 'nice'.
[FORM] Impet tells everyone, '8.5 for me'.
A dwarven miner is DEAD!!
You begin to understand the benefits of grouping.
You receive 67365 experience points from the battle of 191653 total.


[CLAN] You feel Templin say, 'hows mines workin out?'.
[CLAN] 100% heard you say, 'slow and sure'.
[CLAN] You feel Asra say, 'lol'.
[CLAN] 100% heard you say, 'is there an alternative?'.
[CLAN] You feel Templin say, 'yup lets run swamp'.
[CLAN] You feel Templin say, 'and can go combing if you guys want and kill cents'.
[CLAN] 100% heard you say, 'I want to kill cents, sense, and zens!'.


No sooner had we reached Thanos and started to patrol through it then another clanmate wished to join.  Further bad luck, this joiner died trying to reach us, then two of our form died trying to reach their oh-so-close corpse for saving.  Regrouped and together at last, we returned to the swamp and with a push rapidly slew the less savage pests in our way, then paused before the final effort to reach the waterfall into the Catacombs.


[FORM] Templin tells everyone, 'k be ready to heal'.
[FORM] Impet tells everyone, 'low mana'.
[FORM] Templin tells everyone, 'tick full'.
[FORM] Zoda tells everyone, 'i can heal u'.
[FORM] Templin tells everyone, 'against dragons?'.
[FORM] Zoda tells everyone, 'are you tanking?'.
[FORM] Templin tells everyone, 'hell no'.
[FORM] Templin tells everyone, 'im running past and praying'.
[FORM] Zoda tells everyone, 'what are we doin them'.
[FORM] Templin tells everyone, 'going to kill everything in combs'.
[FORM] Impet tells everyone, 'everything :)'.
[FORM] Templin tells everyone, 'if you can then sneak'.
[FORM] Impet tells everyone, 'cant, sorry'.


With a rush, we made it through!  And we were alone within the Catacombs.  Eggs on the ground, Eggs all around.  It could have been, should have been glorious... but this was 'The Most Foul Day You Shall Know'.  Within two minutes of the five of us getting there, several things had happened.



Players in your vicinity:
[Templin             ] - A Powerful Waterfall
[Alsym               ] - A Powerful Waterfall
[Asra                ] - A Powerful Waterfall
[Zoda                ] - A Powerful Waterfall



Alsym has lost his link. (And did not return)
[CLAN] Impet has reached LEVEL 21!
[FORM] Asra tells everyone, 'i should log off tho or at least not pay so much attention to med'.
(And Asra left us)
[FORM] Templin tells everyone, 'rem lights'. (not everyone listens)
Zoda winces in pain as flying darts pierce his neck and face.


Impet hurried to keep up with Templin, and out of his way.  The hero had paused only a moment to look back when Zoda fell before pushing on, and Impet was sure she would not live long down here.  Unable to sneak and still suffering from mana-withdrawl, she was not quite a cleric and definitely not a real warrior.  But it was glorious following Templin here for the 'combs were something that heroes did, and it was special just being here, however short that time might be.


[FORM] Impet tells everyone, 'I feel so lucky to be down here with you'.
[FORM] Templin tells everyone, 'these new combs'.
[FORM] Templin tells everyone, 'still eggs on ground'.


[FORM] Templin tells everyone, 'fyrie has died 8 times so far trying to get to combs'.
Templin laughs.
[FORM] Impet tells everyone, 'hrm?'.
*Templin says, 'fyrie just died againagain again   again....  .    .'.
*You say, 'so sad, bet she wishes she was me and here with youyou you   you.... 


Surprisingly, things went well.  It was very dark in much of the combs, but Impet held a veil of white mist close to her face and peered at what she could barely see.  And she barely saw plenty of eggs, which Templin allowed her to collect.  She had filled up the rest of a odds and ends filled jar and started filling a backpack when their luck finally ran out.  Until now, Templin had an answer to every problem they faced, and Impet had simply hid behind him and healed him or harmed their foes as best she could while they fought, as if she was once again the caster she wished she could be.  Then Templin picked a battle they could not win.


An enormous spider patiently awaits its next victim.
An enormous spider patiently awaits its next victim.
Templin looks at a huge, hairy spider.
Templin looks at a huge, hairy spider.
Templin chants the magical phrase, 'Vas Ort Grav'
A dazzling hemisphere of energy expands from Templin's body, covering the area.


The battle unfolded until the matching pair of spiders were nearly dead, but there was simply no reserves of energy to finish them with.  And slowly, but steadily, they were cutting Templin apart.


A huge, hairy spider is covered with blood from oozing wounds.
[FORM] Impet tells everyone, 'what's the plan?'.
<[39%]Templin><356hp 7m 510mv 100br>
Templin becomes panic-stricken and attempts to flee.
Templin hits his head on a stalactite.
Templin tries to flee, but is too exhausted!
A huge, hairy spider maims Templin!
A huge, hairy spider massacres Templin!
Templin becomes panic-stricken and attempts to flee.
Templin flies south.
Enraged, a huge, hairy spider turns his attention to you.
A huge, hairy spider demolishes you!
A huge, hairy spider pulverizes you!
A huge, hairy spider maims you!
Enraged, a huge, hairy spider turns his attention to you.
A huge, hairy spider mutilates you!
Your pierce decimates a huge, hairy spider!
a huge, hairy spider pales visibly as death nears.
<153hp 13m 510mv 100br> flee


[FORM] Templin tells everyone, 'flee tick'.


A Cavern Beach
It is pitch black...


You flee in a near-blind panic.


You sit down and rest your tired bones.
[FORM] Impet tells everyone, 'fled, in the dark, hope I live ;p'.


You work the seal off of a green potion.
You quaff a green potion, which dissolves.
An aura of blue energy surrounds you, healing your wounds.
<359hp 169m 510mv 100br>
A rae bat has arrived.
Templin joins the fight!
Templin's pierce devastates a rae bat!
<[21%]Templin><388hp 169m 510mv 100br>


ca heal tem
Templin becomes panic-stricken and attempts to flee.
Templin flies south.
Enraged, a rae bat turns his attention to you.
A rae bat misses you.
A rae bat maims you!
You chant out the arcane words and are drained of 25 mana.
Nobody here by that name.
Templin has arrived.
<[21%]Templin><357hp 153m 510mv 100br>
A rae bat maims Templin!
Templin chants the magical phrase, 'Quas Corp'
A rae bat becomes panic-stricken and attempts to flee.
A rae bat flies north.
You touch Templin and a bright aura envelops his body.


[FORM] Templin tells everyone, 'that was fun'.
[FORM] Impet tells everyone, 'an adventure of a hero!  And you're letting me share it!'.


Even bad luck turned good has to end eventually.  Came a time to flee, and Impet rushed into a room filled with stalactites, cave weeds, and danger, and unable to flee again she died there.


She expected Sir Templin Lonewolf, Shadow in the Mist to continue without her, as the others who left or fallen had been left behind, but he returned and saved her.  Many more eggs were gathered from the stony ground and cooling corpses until finally, while reaching to take another eleven eggs from a bloodied mound of torn flesh.


A chasm opens beneath your feet... you're falling... falling...
You fall into the glow, and find yourself elsewhere.


[FORM] Impet tells everyone, 'gah!'.
[FORM] Impet tells everyone, 'I wasnt fast enough!'.
[FORM] Templin tells everyone, 'new combs'.
[FORM] Templin tells everyone, 'fillall'.
[FORM] Impet tells everyone, 'I lost 11 eggs!'.
Marious, the Great War Wizard smiles at you and adds the count to your tally sheet.
[CLAN] Impet turns in 221 EGGS.


Somewhere during the adventure, another day must have dawned while she was to busy to listen to the Crier's calling.  It just wasn't possible to have this much fun and success on 'The Most Foul Day You Shall Know'.


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