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September 20, 2008

Lerris is a Thief
by Loreis

About a week ago, Lerris reached level 31 as a Cleric. She pondered her next class carefully: a brutish Warrior, a stealthy Thief or a mysterious Mage? Lerris chose thievery and ventured to Mount Vryce to begin this new class. She climbed to the Highest Point in Medievia, gazing down upon the landscape with awe and a bit of vertigo. As she staggered onto the peak, she noticed a large button glowing before her. Feeling a bit like Alice in Wonderland, she pushed it. A massive voice echoed through the chamber, informing Lerris that she was NOT ready to end her studies, and to choose carefully her next class. Head ringing, she whispered,

"Thief, please".

Clantalk-Lerris has become a Thief!

Her choice was greeted with cheers and congratulations. Grabbing a swirly potion from her magical pocket (yes, she managed to get the largest container in Medievia), she drank it down, and was transported back to the city. She was a little Thief! A naked little Thief. Uh oh. Sprinting to her locker, she ripped open the door, and began yanking equipment out, wearing everything she could. Damage roll, good. Hit roll, good, armor class, AWFUL! Well, Lerris thought to herself, we'll work on that.

Lerris just became a level 23 Cleric/Thief. Armor class is much improved, DR and HR, a lethal combination, and she even has enough mana to dispel evil and sanctify herself if needed. But....the pocket. Her family has tried, we really have. She has throwing knives, a gnome's hat, some sort of weed, four quills, blank pieces of paper and a stone that does absolutely nothing. The good news? Lerris has a lot of room in her locker because she is carrying everything in the Magical Pocket. Is there some sort of group she can join; maybe Pack Rats Anonymous?

You may see Lerris, lurking about, stabbing everything in sight, laughing as she makes quick work of evil beasties everywhere. Undead corpses fall to her stab with great pain and anguish, fae bats are seen fleeing from her, and talisars quake when she sneaks into the Mud Pools in Shadmire. Lerris is enjoying being a Thief, and is looking forward to reigning more death upon the dastardly mobs of Medievia. Provided she, at some point, does not simply collapse from the weight of six pairs of travelling boots and a two handled axe which is too heavy for her to wield. Lerris is holding onto it, just in case...


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