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April 14, 2009

by Loreis

And it begins. Lerris leveled earlier today, and is now a level 28 Mage. Three levels away from Hero. She was sobbing in The Three Musketeer's Water Park and Spanking Emporium when I caught up with her, surrounded by saving breath equipment.

"What are you doing?" I asked, watching her shove things into her Magical Pocket angrily.

"I have my prompt set to show me how much experience I need....DO YOU KNOW HOW MUCH EXPERIENCE I NEED?!" she bellowed.

I stepped back into the Great Aussie Barbeque, mostly because my ears were ringing (can someone answer that please?), and because she looked, well, scary.

"How much?"

As Lerris slowly turned her head towards me, I regretted asking. Oh my, how I regretted asking. She cleared her throat, and in a whisper said, "292 million."

She then fell down onto the floor, looking up at me with huge, tear filled blue eyes.

"How am I supposed to do this? I need autoquest points, dragon points, egg points, exprerience, and if I'm feeling particularly masochistic, 5.6 million trading points! How am I ever going to hero?"

I sat down next to her, trying to think of something soothing to say, or even do, to calm her down. As I thought, I perused the catalog, and there they were. Full fae orbs, loaded with one million perfect fae. Fae orbs, when full and used with the correct code, give the user one hour of personal double experience. I smiled down at my granddaughter.

"I'll be right back," I promised, and off I went. While shopping, I picked up a lovely white belt, with roses (our favorite flower), and found some other items in my containers that would be a help to Lerris. I mailed these. plus two fae orbs, to her, and sat back to watch her face. A kangaroo dropped Lerris off in the post office, and she began to receive her mail. Her eyes got bigger and bigger as she identified each new treasure. Finally, she peered down at me with a huge grin on her face.

"Um...where's the stamina equipment?"

She bolted out into the courtyard, and I followed, shouting things like you ungrateful little wench, family is more important than stats, that sort of thing. I finally found her, hiding in a broom cupboard, laughing so hard, she could not breathe. I whapped her on the head.

"Wretched child!"

Lerris hiccupped gently, and covered her face.

"I'm going to hero, Grandmother, I am. It may not be soon, but I we all promise; Len, Lin and I, to make you a legend!"

I cannot stay mad at my bloodline for long, especially when they say such lovely things! I bent down to give Lerris a hug, and she said,

"At least a real legend, not just one in your own mind..."

Lerris was last seen ducking behind a horse, trying to escape me. I actually changed modes, trying to slaughter her as she lay wait in Rhaiden or The Fen. Yes, I realize it's not nice to kill members of your own family, but if that little smart aleck does....oh wait...what? Lerris leveled autoquest?

*fifteen minutes later*

We're fine now, Lerris and I. She is merrily running trades and killing lions, with my stamina equipment. It's all fine now. But sometimes we all wonder where Lerris got this horribly sarcastic sense of humor. It certainly is NOT a family trait.



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