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Party for Clan 50!
by Loreis

On Monday evening, the announcement resonated through Clan 50 - Zuasha and Damonius were throwing a party! It was to be a most festive event, with gifts, god sanctuary spells, and even treasures. The sleepy residents of Gnomenal were in for a rude awakening as Zuasha and Damonius began the preparations, placing wonderous scrolls, mugs of hot chocolate, sanctuary potions and gifts within the town.

As the time grew near, clan members began telepathing Damonius "Party", and were transported to Gnomenal. He and Zuasha stood resplendent at the front gate, bestowing god sanctuary and gift bags to all clan members. Avatars roamed about, healing and cheering all the players onto victory. It was a levelling festival, as one by one, each player gained experience points. Their exploits resounded over Clan 50 chat, and each level was greeted with cheers.

Finding the bars of chocolate worth twenty five thousand gold was a fantastic surprise, and peals of laughter could be heard throughout Gnomenal. Those poor lawn gnomes are still reeling from the experience, their little red hats askew. But, Clan 50 members gained experience, knowledge, learned a great zone, and all in all, had a fantastic time! We anxiously await the next celebration, and thank The NPH department, all the Avatars, and especially the players in Clan 50 for bringing such fun and excitement to Medievia.


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