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July 19, 2008
Multi Level Requirements
by Loreis

Heroing in Medievia is a huge accomplishment. Each time a new hero is born, cheers resound, a global echo sends their thanks to clan and town and friends, and new challenges open up to them. Getting there is a little difficult, however. When a new player begins his or her quest towards hero in Medievia, at first, all that is expected is experience, and lots of it! Many times, we have heard about "Hell Level", when the expected experience total skyrockets. As a new player gets closer to their first visit to Mount Vryce, they should get to know the MLR's for their next class. The easiest way to get this information is with the LEVEL * command. This will give the player not only the requirements for their next class, but all classes up to hero. It can seem daunting, I know. But remember, if your goal is to be a hero, this is the way to go.

The first thing a new player will notice is the Autoquest and Leadership points needed in their second class. Leadership points can be acheived through soloing, but they come faster by leading forms! Learn a zone or two, and take some clannies on an adventure. Autoquests: you remember those from your time as a new player. This time, those AQ points will help you get to your third class, so accept as many as you can! The "prompt" setting can help as well, as there are prompts to show you how much experience you need to your next level, and even what spells you have cast on yourself, and what spells others may have cast upon you, like poison, plague and blindness.

Your third class. One more class, and then hero! It is a wonderful accomplishment, even though a player might feel overwhelmed. Don't. Look around at all the heroes in Medievia - they all were in your exact place at some point! Once again, turn to LEVEL * to see exactly what you need, and how much. In your third level, you will be introduced to trading points, if you are not already familiar with them. There are numerous wonderful help files on trading, and your clannies will be more than happy to come along with you, for the experience, and the gold. Just pace yourself, and remember, you are now only one class away from being a hero!

On your last visit to Mount Vryce, take a moment and think back on all you have done, how much experience you have accumulated, how much gold you have made, and how proud you should be of yourself. Push the button for the last time, and prepare to embark on the last part of this adventure! You will now see that your MLR's are a bit more intense. You will need dragon points, egg points, trading points, autoquest points, leader points and, of course, experience. Remember, you can choose not to level one MLR, other than experience (have to level that). Look to the global channels for lair announcements, find a few clannies who are experienced in the Catacombs, go on trade runs for fun and profit, and enjoy your last level as a non-hero.

The moment the echo goes out throughout the land, and your clan, town, and bloodline hear that you have reached level 31 for the last time, prepare to be inundated with cheers, congratulations and kudos. What you have just done is heroed a character in the most intense, most detailed, most challenging and most amazing game on Earth. You are the newest hero of Medievia! You have access to the Immortal channel, which is heroes only, you can herobattle for fame and glory, you can become a Champion Hero, and secure a special mount, you can even become an Avatar, dedicating yourself to helping others learn the game, and you can create your own bloodline and acheive Legend status! The time spent getting to hero is wonderful - it is challenging, fun, a little scary at times, and just downright exciting. And once you reach hero status, you can begin a whole new adventure, decide on what aspects of hero you wish to focus on, and just have a great time. Medievia is changing and growing almost daily now. Now is the perfect time to introduce new people to this environment, to the challenges and glories, the agonies and the ecstacies, and the sheer, unadulterated joy of Medievia!


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