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February 22, 2009

A Lovely Time Was Had by All
by Loreis

Ahh, boredom. Many interesting decisions have been made thanks to boredom-CPK duel, attempted God slaying, shopping. Last evening, Queek, Liana and I were chatting away, trying to find something fun to do. What we came up with was Stornaway Castle. Everything had loaded; the galvanic rod, the staff, everything. Why not, we thought! Three heroes, well equipped, high mana and hit points, no problem. Queek led our form silently past the velociraptors, through darkened hallways filled with dread and smack into a priestess. This charming young lady stood tall and noble, surrounded by a glowing light.

"Dispel that" Queek said. And away we went, shockwaving, dispelling (finally) and she fell. We grabbed the blue and white clerical robes, and continued towards the throne room. Liana had a few tricks up her sleeve, and I had a mana mode that was pretty impressive. Queek knew Stornaway like the back of his hand, so we were in high spirits as we entered King Clayborne's domain. He was guarded well, but no matter-we knew exactly where to flee when our fighting capabilites began to waver. And flee we did, King Clayborne is not an easy mob to slay. He clings to life better than a cave mist, and his spells and weapons are impressively horrible. Needless to say, his ability to live motivated us even more, and in due time, his body fell, and Queek looted his warm, bloodied corpse.

"Tick to full, I'll be right back," Queek stated, went into solo mode, and wandered away. Liana and I shielded the room, and through formrep, watched as Queek's stats went lower....and lower....and 81 hitpoints! Ack! He fell at our feet, gasping, and we healed him quickly. Liana and I were full, and Queek roused us both (which is always better than forgetting to do that and leaving half your form behind) and off we went to find Qasar.

Qasar. Let's see. Many people believe him to be the hardest mob to kill in the game. He is permanently fireshielded, he's dead, so you cannot plague him (but he can plague you, which I find really unfair), and quite frankly, he's just one tough mob. We climbed up through a bitterly cold room, and there he was. At that very moment, over clan, Severok asked if he could join us. Practically screaming with joy, we accepted and Queek went to greet him at the gates. Within seconds, Severok was formed and we four heroes stood, ready to kill Qasar. Well. Ready to try?

"Blind it!"

I cast blind so many times, I thought I would go blind, but finally, Qasar was rendered sightless. Arrows dripping with plague left Liana's Nemesis Bow, singing as they hit their mark again and again. Eventually, muffle worked as well, and we completed our first pass. Fleeing, we realized we were in the cold room. As Severok froze to death before our eyes, we ran west, ticked to full, went back and brought Sev back to life thanks to my Gem of Souls. We dragged our frigid bodies back west, fell down, and waited for each form member to tick back to full health and mana. We chatted about the equipment load, and were just four friends having a great time!

"Ok, here we go," Queek whispered, and we all stood. Dashing east through that darn room again, we shot up and began hitting Qasar with everything we had, Muffle, blind, shockwave after shockwave, and finally, he fell, It took four passes, but we did it! Queek snatched everything from the body, and off we went to find the wight's finger, a healing stave used quite often by a friend. We only found one hidden in a loincloth (blech), but it was one more than we started with. Why someone would hide their finger in their underwear is beyond me, but so are velociraptors: I love Medievia!

The Staff of Chronomanipulation (say THAT 10 times fast) that we popped had slightly better stats than the one I was currently wielding, and Queek sent it to me, bless his heart. I was also the proud recepient of an hourglass, and we brought a few equipment points to our ranking. All in all, a fun experience, and the next time we four are bored, I think we may end up somewhere else exciting and rewarding!

Stornaway Castle is a high level zone only, and usually forms only. If you want to try and solo, bring tons of elementals and a lot of running speed, because those dinosaurs are really angry and confused! Qasar is not soloable, and I have heard many Heroes tell me that. When I first started here, my best friend, Bludekyn and I got stuck there, without spells, with menthol potions, and everytime we left the chapel to try and get out, we got eaten by a raptor. Thanks to clan members who auctioned menthols, we were finally able to teleport out, but that experience reminded me that even in Medievia, there are places we should fear to tread.



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