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May 3, 2009

Interview with Zamerati
by Loreis

Herobattles are a great part of Medievia. One of my friends, Zamerati, recently sat down to share his first experience with Herobattle.

Loreis:Zamerati, I understand you just participated in your first Herobattle! Against whom did you fight?
Zamerati: It was against Tarathiel

Loreis:First off, how did you do?
Zamerati:Well, Tarathiel knows basically every piece of equipment in the arena, but I held my own for a little bit!
Zamerati:Then I got mauled (laughing).

Loreis: For you, what was the hardest part of Herobattle?
Zamerati:Getting all the equipment on and figuring out what to wear and what not to.
Zamerati:Basically maxing out stats and all...

Loreis: How much time do you have before the actual battle to retrieve equipment?
Zamerati: Something like 3-5 minutes.
Zamerati: I had quite a bit more hit points than Tarathiel, but the arena was so small by the time we were fighting because rooms had begun to close off.
Zamerati:The arena starts closing off rooms that the Heroes are closer to each other.

Loreis: You mentioned the arena closed off....was that due to overtime?
Zamerati:Yes, exactly.

Loreis: So you are forced to fight?
Zamerati:Well you aren't forced but it moves you to a 3x3 space.
Zamerati: 9 total rooms to be in, and you can't go outside of that square.

Loreis: Ah, got it. So, no more fleeing, just battling?
Zamerati:You can flee, but it's very easy to find someone if they do!
Loreis:Makes sense.

Loreis: What types of equipment are available?
Zamerati:Tons of ridiculous tweaks that you really don't find outside of that arena.

Zamerati: I was running somewhere around 1600hp and 800 mana.

Loreis: So, you scoop up everything you can, and start tracking? How do you have time to identify all the eq?
Zamerati: I would Identify it and compare...then wear it if its better than what I am currently equipping, obviously. Tarathiel gave me extra time to get all my stats up. He was helping me learn, as a clannie, and let me have a lot more time than usual.
Zamerati:Eventually, his stab just ripped me apart and I didn't have enough time to heal back up.

Loreis: Did you use track?
Zamerati:Track slows you down so I didn't track when we were in the 3x3.

Loreis: Do you have any advice for new Heroes, anxious to Herobattle?
Zamerati:Read all the help files, and try and get a clannie to help you the first few times, like Tarathiel did for me. Hopefully, once I get a few more under my belt, I'll start winning.

Loreis: Do you think you will CPK battle any time soon?
Zamerati:(chuckling) Um, not yet. Let me get this down, and see about equipment. Not ready to lose this Hero flag quite yet!

Loreis:(laughs) Well, I always have the Herobattle channel on, so next time, maybe I'll place a wager!
Zamerati: I would suggest wagering against me, at least for the next few...

Loreis: Zam, thank you so much for taking the time to chat about your first Herobattle! I'm sure your next one will be watched by a lot of our adventurers here in Medievia!

Zamerati: No problem, thanks for the interview!

Keep your eyes peeled, knights and ladies! Zamerati will be back in the arena soon, and that heady experience is only a Mindlink away!



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