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January 11, 2009

Happy Holidays
by Loreis

Christmas has come and gone here in Medievia, but oh what a magical holiday it was! Snow decorated the paths, streets and rooms, holly branches and glistening balls of snow that cast sanctuary rained down upon the giddy citizens, and we had Double Experience for Christmas Day. The Holiday Park was, as usual, a wonderous place to ice skate, buy snickerdoodle cookies and eggnog, and a stroll north, past the jolly snowman found a peppermint river, a marshamllow pit, a lollipop forest and a gumdrop tree, all laden with magical treats. Walking along the licorice fence, Medievians found themselves at the doorway of a gingerbread house. A delightful gingerbread couple greeted each person who wandered into their foyer; the gingerbread woman hinted that her husband had hidden holiday treats all through the house, and when one looked at the gingerbread man, he bestowed upon you a truly amazing present-a miniature gingerbread man, that when held and used, transformed onto a charmed member of your form! Sprigs of mistletoe, a book that cast invisibility and sanctuary, a red mug that when drunk rendered one quick and refreshed-what a fun house!

And the holosections. Oh my, the holosections. Chat rang out with pleas for the next location as Medievians tried to find all 12 Days of Christmas, in an icicle covered house in the wilderness. Congratulations to all who did! Then came the final and most difficult one-finding Ebeneezer Scrooge. One must first find the chimney somewhere in the wilds of the land, and once found, race through fog covered paths that take you through Christmases Past, Present and Future, finally bringing you to Mr. Scrooge himself. Many lost revellers muttered to themselves as they found the same path over and over again. Kudos and more congratulations to all those who navigated that maze and found Ebeneezer. Enjoy that Bah Humbug! stick.

The snow still lingers, and many homes are full of holly and treats from the Holiday Park. This reporter hopes that those new to Medievia had a festive time, and that those of us who are lucky enough to count this among many Christmases spent here, had a wonderful timeand a warm and happy holiday! Much thanks to the Gods and Goddesses of Medevia for making Christmas, and the holiday season, a magical one again.

Ok, let's get ready for New Year's Eve!! Break out the noise makers, the silly hats and the Alka Seltzer, because we are ready to party!


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