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November 2, 2008

Boo! It's Halloween!
by Loreis

It's here! Halloween! Medievia's favorite holiday is upon us, and this year, it's a doozy. Listening to my clan members finding the metamorph again and again, watching as sludge mephits, cute brown puppies, and Yogurt entered portals, smooched ancient dragons and tangoed with cave blood weeds, I realized how much fun this holiday is. Costume request was booming, heroes and non heroes alike dashed through the God pyramid, seeking out Gods and Goddesses for goodie bags and amazing snacks, and Melq Duds rained upon the giddy citizens. Oh, and the autoquests! The hero quest involved a terrifying beast, and the non hero quest was a scavenger hunt of sorts, for a fireshielded pirate. People were calling dragons like mad, surveying all over the land for the Mistress of Halloween, and once they found her, they had such fun running through the holosection, amassing all her figurines, hoping to be treated and not tricked.

Several of us participated in a Halloween Portal quest, which involved a mob from Demonforge, a wicked mean elf and even a MASSIVE dragon. We triumphed, and eagerly await our prizes. Halloween is one of the best holidays to celebrate in Medievia, and this year is no exception. When you see a Goddess dressed as a tiny starfish, you know it's going to be a fun day. A certain God asked me "Are you sure you don't want a trick?", and I naiively agreed. I found myself first asleep, then being forced to flee his wrath. I did receive a God gift, and a giggle, but it was unnerving for a moment.

Thanks to the Gods and Goddesses, and especially all the citizens of Medievia, this Halloween will be remembered as a fun, thrilling and exciting holiday. (The Melq Duds add a little weight to your otherwise heroic frame, but a few trips through Catacombs will work that right off...) And congratulations to all the winners of the 13 Days of Halloween quest, and the Token Hunt. Medievia-where else can you spend the day as Queen Tanova, skipping through the lands, eating candy and getting tricked by the Mistress of Halloween?


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