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August 3, 2008

I'm My Own Grandma!
by Loreis

Recently, a warrior hero was born. Loresi, after many, many months, finally heard the words she had been craving - "Loresi has reached Level 31!". Food and drink no longer needed, experience points no longer searched for, it was time to play. Loresi wandered the lands, bashing and stabbing, even killing enough fae bats to receive the coveted day long sanctuary spell. Taking a break in The Three Musketeers Water Park and Spanking Emporium, she realized it was time to create another branch in the family tree.

Expanding one's bloodline takes careful consideration. Are you going to become the new character, or seek another to join your family, should this child be a cleric, a warrior, a thief or a mage, what alignment shall your little one seek, how much time and gold are you going to invest? As Loresi pondered all these decisions, she noticed that, if she did indeed have a child, she would be her own grandmother. Head spinning, she created a little cleric named Lerris. Jokes ensued, poking fun at her lack of imagination, and her innate ability to rhyme. Gold was moved around, equipment mailed, and the levelling began. In two days, Lerris was a level 22 Cleric, with gold in the bank, equipment in her locker, and already her mother's (and grandmother's) penchant for hoarding. And the more containers Lerris received, the more she managed to accumulate. Vicious circle...

Lerris will have many adventures in her quest to be a hero, I'm certain. Currently, she is remembering to consider mobs before she attacks, use the HELP SUGGESTED ZONES file, and stock up on yew staves. She has visited many lands already, and slain everything from lawn gnomes to beavers. Hopefully, as Lerris improves, her experiences will provide many tales of glory, blood, and certain death. If her family can just get her to stop keeping scraps of paper and small, shiny things, everything will be ok. I know that she has an alias to get everything in a room, and when last I saw her, she had obviously been putting that to "good" use. If you see Lerris, and she seems unable to move, please tell her that she really does not need 17 loaves of bread, and it is all right to just gently let those fall to the floor.

Thank you.

Her Grandmother


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