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January 11, 2009

Fae Balling with Lorton
by Loreis

I have held the fae ball for one minute. One brief, shining minute. I honestly never thought I would get the chance again, then an opportunity presented itself, and I had to try. Did I kill? No. I cajoled, begged, batted my eyelashes and looked cute. This works when one of your friends and clanleaders is the one gripping the fae ball. Lorton died, sacrificing himself, so I could have the fae ball. What a nice guy!

Now, as many of you know, my luck is not good. This was no different. As soon as I picked up that glowing little ball of happiness, a large, black dragon landed on my back, intent on nibbling on my spine. And, of course, when one has the fae ball, one cannot call a dragon. So, I ran. Panting, falling, dashing madly about, I managed to elude the massive beast, until, incredibly frustrated, it roared and flew off. During this time, I had managed to hold onto the fae ball for ten minutes, thus ensuring myself the second of four possible medals. Hooray, I thought, and prepared for death. And prepared. And prepared...

A towngame was requested, and Lorton answered the call. We were in a trade race with 76. I refused to move. I was 6 minutes from my third medal, and it would take more than a towngame to get me to leave my "secret" spot. The minutes ticked by, and BAM-Loreis has been awarded a medal for carrying the fae ball for 30 minutes! Yippee! And I prepared for death. Etcetera. Lorton had formed with me, as I needed to feed my starving son, and two howling cats, so making sure I did not whisk away into oblivion, off I went to take care of dinner. Little did I know how this experience would turn out.

I returned to find myself completely spell-less. No sanctuary, no manashield, nothing. Aha! I must have been killed, and I was correct. I had been able to hold onto the fae ball for over 60 minutes, getting all four medals, over 3 million in gold, and a little more than 300,000 in fae for Clan 42. With great pride, I deposited all that fae in our clanhall, sprinted to the horsemaster, procured an Appaloosa ( I know, but my trade run leader sort of insisted), and the trading began. Several trade runs and one wagon train later, Clans 42 and 85 were triumphant, trading the socks off of Clan 76. The gold, the fun, the fae ball, and the medals made for a great evening, and I now understand how Lorton became addicted to the fae ball. Of course, it could be the shiny lights. Who knows?

Try the fae ball! Even if you only last a minute, it's still a lot of fun, and a challenge as well. And take it from this reporter, you may start out with only a minute, but in Medievia, anything is possible!

Loreis (all four fae ball medals wooo!)-out


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