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Nefari and her Cadre of Eels
by Loreis

Guardians of the Lunar Eclipse is currently rank numero uno in eggs. We are all that and a bag of ogre chips thanks to our slight obsession with combing and Nefari's not-so-secret method for killing everything she comes across. Eels.

Nefari is in the midst of trying to craft all the equipment available at the new shops in Vanlarra, and in order to do that she needs unfilled eggs. Which means Nefari spends more time in the catacombs then I do, and she clears them quickly and efficiently by marching an entire form of charmed eels ahead of her.

Now before you think "Hey, I could do that," no you couldn't. Nefari can charm cave weeds, eels and lichen with a wink and a nod. In fact, she recently convinced her eel form to take on the metamorph. And if combs hadn't moved in the middle of the battle, my guess is she would have succeeded.

Speaking of combs moving in the middle of fighting the metamorph, what's up with that, oh Amazing Dungeon Master? So far, I've heard reports of it happening at least a half dozen times in as many days. Is this some sort of motivational technique to get us engaged with the metamorph more quickly? Or are you just taunting us, Grand Poobah of it All?

(I should thank the DM-I hit wolves in 460 risk near New Ashton twice and upon dismounting my dragon after dying for the second time, discovered said wolves gone. Thank you.)

If you see Nefari and her Cadre of Eels meandering through the catacombs, get out of her way. Whether you find her methods appEELing or not, she's on a mission. And we all know what happens when a Guardian of the Lunar Eclipse is on a mission: the catacombs move.

Loreis-Eating a bag of ogre chips


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