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Death Pays a Visit
by Loreis

Recovering from a rather exuberant Token Hunt with Rocky, I was resting in Medievia, when the lovely goddess, Xaylin, created a bit of a stir. Well, she created Death, to be more specific.

Aimonsorcio had attempted to slay Rocky, and Rocky had fled to the safety of his office. Xaylin, sensing Aimonsorcio needed an adventure, gave him a more challenging adversary. There Death stood, cold, heartless, his bony hands just waiting to wrap themselves around your neck. Did Aimonsorcio flee? Of course not! He did however perish at Death's cold hand.

Suddenly, a silent call went out throughout Medievia and Gusma, Mirr, Lateous, Williared, Liono, Zoe, Zzyzx, Sedrith and Drakonis began to take their turns. Cathoris gave it a noble effort, only to lie dead and broken at Death's feet. Cross healing, casting fireshields, nothing could defeat this ancient menace. Even Xaylin, feeling pity for these pitiful mortals, began to heal each hero as they stumbled. It was chaos personified, but the heroes would not give up, would not surrender. However, as we all know, Death comes to us all. As Liono struck, Xaylin's delicate hands wafted through the air and Death disappeared.

At last glance, Death was in dire straits, vomiting copious amounts of blood and it looked as if our brave heroes would triumph. But this begs the question-what will happen if one kills Death? Perhaps we will visit that another day. I, for one, would relish the chance to try.


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