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September 20, 2008

Cailli Teaches a Lesson
by Loreis

A lovely Goddess has joined Medievia, leaving pink feathers in her wake. And, as often happens, a Hero challenged Cailli to a battle at the fountain in the center courtyard in Medievia City. I lept at the chance to watch a new Goddess fight!

Tocrath appeared before me, casting spells upon himself like mad. He shared a few details from a recent battle with Rocky, admitting that he had slain the powerful rock with help from other adventurers who healed him numerous times during the long fight. Still, being able to kill Rocky was a nice feather in Tocrath's cap, and I am certain he felt pretty good about his chances against Cailli. Cailli appeared, wearing Levi jeans, and grinning from ear to ear. Tocrath scrambled to his feet, prepared for this battle. Cailli stood, resplendent in her immortality, and simply ignored him. By ignore, I mean Cailli tactfully ignored Tocrath's shockwaves and she roared with laughter as he attempted to set her on fire. The players who had gathered to watch blinked in disbelief as Tocrath cast spell after spell, watching as Cailli simply stood there as our Hero just fell over when his might bash came nowhere near the Goddess.

Ceaen gave it a noble effort, trying to trip Cailli, trying to keep her from casting powerful shockwaves, giggling all the while. As Ceaen's corpse fell to the ground, Tocrath realized that this may (may mind you) be a futile undertaking. But, being a Hero sometimes means not knowing when to quit, and Tocrath refused to quit. As tears of laughter rolled down my face, Cailli continued to ignore him. It was sort of like a cat, trying to get your attention by clawing your leg, but you happen to be wearing plate mail. Demiggor, at some point, attempted a few spells, but realized quite quickly this was a no win situation, and sat down to watch the festivities. Cailli did have to leave to attend to pressing Goddess business, and disappeared, leaving one soft, pink feather behind. Tocrath tucked this fight away for future reference, and this reporter hopes he will remember this moment as one of great bravery, and a lot of fun.

Welcome to Cailli, our denim wearing, feather throwing Goddess! I sense many challengers in her future, but I am certain that she will dispatch them all with great ease and a great deal of giggling...


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