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February 22, 2009

At Last
by Loreis

Finally. After three classes, Lerris is a Mage. Ok, a little mage, but a mage nonetheless. Once again, she travelled to Mount Vryce, once again, she whispered her wishes. This time, she was prepared. Upon reaching level 31, she mailed everything to her storage cleric, sorted through all her equipment, and was ready to clothe herself. Sort of. Half naked, Lerris fled from merchants for a while, but eventually, she outfitted herself with the appropriate accroutements, wielded a fairly impressive weapon, and away she went. Remembering mana kickback, Lerris is having an awful lot of fun slaying everything, good, bad and in between.

As Lerris slowly makes her way towards Hero, her bloodline watches anxiously, helping with full fae orbs, equipment and encouragement. In time, we will celebrate her global echo, but for now, we wait from the sidelines as she meanders through zones, amassing gold and...well...stuff. As usual, we have to control the pack rat gene that flows through our family. Hopefully, when Lerris begins to need eggs from the Catacombs, and does not have any room for them, she will clear her inventory a wee bit. She is enjoying her autoquests, however: at level 17, they are fairly fun, not yet horribly challenging and deadly.

Congratulations to Lerris, and hopefully, her travels toward Hero will be lively and exciting. We'll keep you posted, only because it is fun to live vicariously through one who is making this last journey, a journey that so many of us have made. I watch with trepidation and pride, as Lerris attempts to become a Mage Hero in the most amazing place-Medievia!



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