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Sibyl Has a Bad Day
by Kwetak

It started like any lair - the forces were quickly rallied to the lair of Magoktek, the bronze dragon, with Sibyl and Tocrath leading the charge. We were many, we were strong, and none suspected that the lair would end in disaster.

Things first took a turn for trouble when members of Tocrath's formation straggled behind and were decimated by the wimpy vapor fiends, of all creatures! They claimed to have ran out of breath, so Tocrath send back up from the second level to rescue the two stragglers. Meanwhile, a few other members of the formation wandered off and succumbed to the fireballs being exhumed by the dragon for that purpose. We had started together and so quickly were divided, Sibyl's formation far ahead and Tocrath's formation separated and obliterated. We were not discouraged, however, and quickly resurrected our fallen comrades to continue on to the dragon.

By now we were tired and battle-worn, and the dragon was playing tricks with us, putting up its fireshield repeatedly. The moment the shield went down Sibyl took her form into the lair of the beast... lo and behold, Mogoktek put its Fireshield back up, and Sibyl's formation was destroyed. Tocrath had no choice but to follow, and we were slaughtered like flies beating against a windowpane with an infinitely larger human bearing down on us. Still, we did not give up. Sibyl used her portable altar to resurrect at the lair entrance, where we quickly phased to make a second rush. Some members of the party were lost, but recovered with ease so that we could try our skill against the dragon again. This pass would be our last.

Upon entry we were hit with a blast of acidic dragon breath, which we had no natural protection against and many were finished straight away. In vain we attempted to heal each other, only to be struck down by the powerful dragon Mogoktek with it's flaming breath, sharp claws and deadly spells. The sanctuary protecting our formations faded, and Sibyl instinctively used a green orb to protect us... in the process casting Sanctuary on the dragon as well. We knew then that this was over as we looked our last down the gaping maw of Mogoktek's jaws, who would live to fight another day.


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