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An Excursion in Hellripper's Domain
by Kwetak

Once upon a weekend, a Saturday to be exact, I got up fairly early, got my shower, and logged on to Medievia. Naturally, all was quiet, and the DM echoed the phrase that I love to hear too much:
DM: Hellripper's domain is below the Catacombs, worth 10,000,000 gold and 3,000 heropoints.
Yes, I thought, a maxed out Hellripper mobfaction, just sitting at the bottom of the Catacombs waiting to feel the life crushed from his body by my mighty shockwaves. Of course, I knew I could not do it alone so I called up my town members to see who would be willing to aid me in defeating the subterranean menace. A small formation came together, flying in to the City of Castiack to get into the Catacombs and find the shifting entrance. Hexadelium lead the charge, aided by me, Ionnes, Ubikon, Kotake, and Zwork. A small but able form we were, so we proceeded stealthily into Hellripper's lair.

In order to kill Hellripper, you must first collect the souls of his Legion of the Damned zombie minions, and so we set to the task presented to us. No sooner had we stepped in than the world wavered and transformed into a strange likeness of Karlisna, only the streets were devoid of life and patrolled by zombies. Our form was scattered by Hellripper to various parts of his domain, and so we quickly formed up at the twisted imitation of the fountain. When we formed up, we realized that we were one short and heard a blood-chilling death cry. Zwork had perished to a zombie, so we swiftly went to his aid. The zombie was quickly defeated with minor casualties (nothing a little healing wouldn't fix), and we resurrected our fallen comrade. The world turned about quickly on its axis, but we were not so easily confused and set to slaying enough zombies to attack Hellripper.

One by one they fell to our devastating weapons and powerful spells, but came as quickly as they fell so we had to time to rest. The zone switched another time to a place I was unfamiliar with - the Lost Civilization, where I had only ventured a few times in my days. Here we had difficulty retrieving our teleported allies as it was a large zone with many twisting alleys and forests, but the time had come to track down Hellripper, who, sensing his imminent demise changed the zone again to Warren of the Moshata. His trick did not fool us, and we quickly found and defeated him. It was a bitter struggle, but in the end we prevailed. Ubikon dealt the death blow, and we divided the riches amongst ourselves. It was quite the adventure, and would not have been possible without the dedicated cooperation of my town members.


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