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Battle of the Immortals- at Medievia Recall!
by Kwetak

So there I was, minding my own business, when out of nowhere appeared Lunavina, humming a jaunty tune. It was apparent as Kopcho arrived that he had a bone to pick, and meant business!! He challenged her to a duel, quite to my surprise, and threw a barrage of shockwaves her way! She absorbed the blows with ease, being a Goddess, and promptly hammered Kopcho right back with a deadly hailstorm of spells. He was slain instantly, and upon his resurrection laughed at his own foolishness, calling it a day.

Suddenly new challengers appear, attempting to avenge the death of their comrade. Lunavina laughed at their poor attempts to stab and maledict her, and it became a bloody brawl as spells and slashes went from mortal to mortal, in a vicious killing frenzy. Kopcho was forgotten, slain by Kaos, and Zaya put up a good fight against Lunavina (withstanding ten consecutive shockwaves before succumbing to the pounding). Many Medievians showed to cheer the others on, even Damonius arrived in his shiny red elevator to witness the struggle. The scrape lasted for many minutes, and in the end Lunavina was the only one who remained standing.

Many thanks to Kopcho for providing crucial details for the beginning of the battle, which I missed!


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