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Learning to Lead
by Kwahevoda

In this next installment of the wonderful world in MLRs (multi-level requirements), I’m touching upon the topic of leading points.

When looking at the help file, this is all you will get: Leading points are acquired the same way EXPERIENCE is, but you must be leading the FORMATION and a formed player must be in the same room. You must have been the leader of the form for at least 60 seconds. You will get 25% of your leading points for soloing and the full 100% if you are truly leading a form.

Type LEVELS L to see the amount of leading points required for each level.

Sadly, this doesn’t really help you overly much, does it? It just outlines the very black and white way they are added. So, here are some basic steps to get the full 100% for your time!

1 – Pick a spot to xp at. Some ways to get ideas, is to use the ZONEINFO (or simply zi) command. Tweak with the options and become familiar with it, it’s a great way of figuring out what place would be right for you. It works for all sizes as well, from solo to full form, and is chocked full of the ideas due to the information gods have put in about their zone. I also recommend having a back-up zone.

2 – Check to make sure the zone is open (i.e. – has mobs and not people already clearing those mobs). This is where having a back-up zone comes in handy; in case the first choice is unavailable.

3 – Gather your compatriots! Often, a popular method is to create a “Med form”. To start one yourself, pick a spot that people can identify easily (hence why you see “2 n of recall”) and let others know about it and what you plan to do. Here, again, you have a variety of options for how you’d like to do this. There is using your clan/town channels, shout, and current event. I highly recommend not telling people immediately where you’re going, that way idle eyes won’t play the wait game to attempt pk. An easy way of talking just to your form is using the F or FT command.

4 – Sort the form. Every class has strengths and weaknesses, and the form should reflect how to make the most of these. The “tanks” (thieves/warriors) should more than likely be the ones in the front, with the casters taking up middle/back rows. Sometimes one tank is preferable to another, so if you have four of them and two have done one tank class and are currently in another, those might take precedence since they have dodge and parry (both effective at missing being hit).

5 – Rally into battle! Now that you have your form and it is set up the way you like it, FORMLOCK SET. This makes it so that if a mobile uses hands of wind against someone in your group, and you yourself aren’t engaged in a battle, they can re-follow you instantly. Let the form know the closest clantown portal (which can be found using medmap on the website) or what zone to fly to. And the killing begins!

6 – Corpses and the like. As leader, you are the one in charge of cleaning up the mess. You can either do this yourself, or delegate someone else to. But, if you DO delegate, make sure they have adequate time after mobs have died in order to fulfill their task. Corpses leave behind all sorts of goodies, sanctuary orbs and dragon crystals to name just two. Some people hate leaving behind such a mess of corpses and choose to use the sacrifice command to get rid of them, but I once again stress making sure you look in the corpses before you tap them out of existence.

7 – Have a plan. In the world, there are almost always adversaries. In Medievia, it is no different. There are players out there who do not want you to succeed in your form, or that simply want to kill the same things you do, and will attempt to player kill you and your formies. In case of this emergency, make sure to give orders to the other players about what actions you would like them to take. Once a player uses hands of wind on you, the formlock and your form is gone and there is hardly a way to communicate unless you all are someone on chat together, or in town. If a plan is already in place, whether it be to charge into battle or to flee to safety and find a new spot, then decisive action will be ready to be taken if the time comes.

For those of you who are reading this and NOT leader of the form please let the leader LEAD. If you do not enjoy their leading styles, you can nicely let them know how to improve (privately), go start a form yourself, or just deal with it and enjoy the free xp. You should not be the one looting the corpses unless asked, you should not be sacrificing the corpses unless asked, you should be doing your very best to help the leader in all ways you can, and be supportive. I hope this helps in some way, if you need something clarified or wish for other pointers, my mudmail is always open.


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