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Newbie Initiation Story Part 2
by Klevari

*** Continued from Part 1 ***

"Welcome," a soft voice spoke.

They all turned again to face the elven ranger, who now stood before them. "Please, sit. Relax," she invited. "The night ahead of us is long, as will be many of your nights to come." She paused, resuming her seat on the cushion, and waited for the others to join her around the brazier.

"Welcome, Grimikk and Zarr, of the cold mountains of Ruellia," she said, nodding to each of them as they took their seats. The two young men nodded in return as they tried, rather unsuccessfully, to gracefully take their seats across from her. She smiled warmly at them both, ignoring the giggle that rose from the group when Grimikk blushed bright red at the attention.

"Welcome, Abelia of Medievia, and Rheukyn of the gypsies," she continued, diverting everyone's attention back to where it belonged. Both young women glanced around the room and smiled as they took their seats on the pillows to the left of the others. Rheukyn was unable to suppress her grin as she flopped down next to Grimikk, elbowing him in the ribs.

Suppressing a chuckle, the ranger continued, "Welcome, Yisha and Tasmir, of the fair City of Trellor." It was clear, even in the flickering light of the candles, that these two were sister and brother, twins. The siblings bowed elegantly before the ranger before they took their seats to her right. "Welcome too, Marchan, of the Academy of Braneri." Marchan nodded curtly in reply as he took his seat between Yisha and Zarr.

"Many of you have travelled far to be here this night, this eve of your adulthood, yet it is tomorrow, with the rising of the sun, that your true journey begins." The elf paused a moment, clasping her hands in front of her. "My name is Te'lai. I am the Ranger of the New Adventurers' Guild, and I am honored to serve the gods of this land by welcoming you to this fair city," she said, humbly bowing her head before looking up again. "This guild welcomes you with open arms while you begin to master the skills and secrets of your chosen path. Within this realm there are a special few, the Avatars, who have dedicated themselves -- their knowledge, time, and skills -- to helping you find your way." Te'lai paused, coughing quietly, a growing blush coloring her pale cheeks. She shook her head, smiling, before she continued.

"You just met one of them," she confessed, glancing over her shoulder at the darkened stairway. "You must forgive Raiya, please. It's just that sometimes she's ... just ... well, Raiya." The elf shrugged, grinning. "I think we all sometimes get a little ... exuberant with the call of adventure." She paused once again, nodding to herself. "Now, though, yours shall begin!"

*** Continued in Part 3 ***


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